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"About Internet Amateur Hub Media and Me"Internet Amateur Hub Media.

No doubt.  

It is a continued challenge to stay (or remain) in the mainstream of building/growing an at-home enterprise online.  And not only does the technology we rely on for business continues to evolve.  But the services in which use changes as well from tim-to-time.

It is an ever-so, rapidly, growing world and society in which we live our busy lives inside.  We rarely find time to recognize or acknowledge the beauty of things that are around us or those we count to help us accomplish our goals.  Internet Amateur Hub Media is built using WordPress.  An open source project that is built on the Linux Operating System (LOS.).

It also relies on extraordinary, easy-to-use, and well sculpted plugins that are built (or created) by some of “WordPress” remarkable developers around the world.  Not to mention the help and support you receive from the WordPress community and also from each plugin developer.

Bottom line.  “WordPress, their community, and plugin developers.  It’s a win-win — no brainer of deal.  Thank you WordPress, community, and plugin developers for helping me and Internet Amater Hub Media come ALIVE on the World Wide Web.


Why Are We Here?



Setting The Stage

There is no question in my mind to whether or not my website is uncommon to the majority of marketing websites or blogs that you will discover on the World Wide Web.


That being said.

Know that our “About” Web Page is uncommon, too, to the majority of marketing sites.  And no doubt, our business journey on the Web striving to achieve business goals was extremely challenging and not expected.

The experience has been extremely challenging and time-consuming with an uncertainty of whether I will succeed in establishing both the business and its presence on the Web or not.  And writhing the about page have also been the most challenging yet delicate pieces of writing and style than the other pages throughout the entire Web site.


First of all.  Our goals at Internet Amateur Hub Media.  Are not the same as other Web businesses or their owners.  It is impossible for any two people to be identical.  The same way.  Right? 

No two people will have the same goals, vision, ideas or do they think the same.  Typically, that is impossible to achieve.  At least (it is) for the human race achieving without supernatural help.  And no doubt, all things are certainly possible with The Creator.

That being said.

There are no two people that think identical as mentioned earlier.  And I am laughing at this one too, because I read (some time ago) on one of our frequent blogs—a favorite one at that.  Where one of their guest writers apprehended (that is) entertained the idea “we all think alike.”  Really?

Anyway, no two people will write the same way or their style of writing the same as someone else’s writing style.  Not unless it’s duplicating their style of writing.  However, it (too) is impossible to achieve for the human race—society 🙂

And finally.

Ntwo people will create (i.e., started, built or designed) their business the same way (in spite) their similarities—it’s impossible.  And no two people will run or operate their Web business the same way either. 

It “too” is impossible. 

And of course.  You will always find those type of people, that is critics, cynics, and naysayers sitting on the sideline doing what they do best.  The accusers of one’s human nature; character and/or personality. 

They’re pessimists and I wonder about their “human nature.”  Hmmm.

And keep in mind that our service is always free, however, registration is necessary in order to access our extraordinary marketing content.  However, I discovered, that creating an at-home business on the Web was very challenging.  And at the same time.


Going The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile to over deliver value — writing from the soul.

There is no question as to whether or not ‘individually’ we all share the same ambition — it is impossible.  No two people are the alike; though, we appear the same inside and outside.  Our genetic makeup begs the difference.  However, we do, though, share the same characteristics or human traits.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs offer a clear description of what aspect of the “human traits” (collectively) we share — we seek self-fulfillment and individuality.  And “though” there may be some discrepancies or debates as to the accuracy of the human need hierarchy. 

It does remain, though, as one of the most depended descriptions available.  They are as follow:

  • Self-actualization
  • Self-esteem
  • Love and/or belonging
  • Safety
  • Physiological

As an entrepreneur — an Internet entrepreneur that is. 

It is our goal to help meet those needs whether it’s an “ambition” or (aspiration) or whether it’s a need — to complete some type of task.  Nowadays, it’s not recognized because it’s no longer taught.  It was, though, taught back in early 2008 when I stated online — time and technology evols.

And oftentimes — we (the people) will confuse ‘value’ verses ‘appreciation’ — they are not the same thing.


It is extremely challenging to start a home business from off the Web to appearing to be impossible to over-deliver value.  It’s creativity, effectiveness, integrity, and quality (at the same time) in either starting or creating at-home businesses from off the Web.

It’s finding that little thing that ticks on the inside of each person that they haven’t quite figured out what it is they are needing. They just know that it’s something (there) that can and will enable them to move pass or forward—beyond the hurdle, obstacle, or challenge.  It’s a pain spot that cannot be explained.

a new at-home business enterprise and its presence on the Web for marketing online.  Especially, when you are brand new in the “online world of business and digital marketing.”

You don’t know anything about business, nevertheless, know or understand what to expect in starting a business over the Internet (i.e.,)  the Web.  You search the Internet “the Web” diligently looking for anything and everything that will provide a clear, comprehensible, and honest explanation on how to start your home business online.


Internet Amateur Hub Media: Who I Am?

"About"About Kevin Ross, author, visionary, and founder of the the Internet Amateur Hub Media — Website.

Who would ever think a native in the ‘land of the home and free’ would learn and develop their own unique and proven strategy to creating his or her extraordinary at-home business or enterprise from on the World Wide Web?


My name is Kevin Ross.  And welcome! to my website — the Internet Amateur Hub Media.  It’s a Website and online business that I created and made easy to understand.  It’s an E-Learning Website for new, self-made, at-home, Internet Amateur – “Entrepreneurs.” 

And here shortly.  You will also have an opportunity to learn more about the ‘Internet Amateur Hub Media.’

I learned a very hard way that any at-home entrepreneur will have his or her unique story on how they were able to use the Internet (or the Web) to start creating a business idea for marketing online.  And our story, however, takes on an unusual twist and/or turns than most.

Now, going a decade, 2008 to 2018.  

I been involved in creating at-home businesses from on the Web.  And five years of that decade.  I been involved in developing this very business and website.  Initially, when I started creating a Web business.  I wan’t realizing, I reading content (or information) from marketing site on how I could create my own business online.

So I decided, I was going to take matters into my own hands and implement my own ideas and approaches.  However, that lead me to one failure.  After another failure.  Right after another failure.  It wan’t until I started building Internet Amateur Hub Media our “unusual twist and turns” set in.

By then.  I was full of it.  The “red tape.” “super hyped-up rhetoric of steps, processes, etc., that just didn’t make sense.”


That is the Internet to start creating their own business enterprise and its Web presence for online marketing.


Background and Education


And of course.  I am a self-made, at-home, “Internet entrepreneur” myself with my own unique story of how I was able to understand (and implement) simple fundamentals and it’s counterparts (i.e.,) the moving parts that enabled me to start creating “Internet Amateur Hub Media” from off the Internet.

In addition to my occupation—an at-home “Internet” entrepreneur.  I also manage the entire website.  I am the Webmaster, the creator behind this unique and remarkable Web business.  


I ensure that our content published to the website is original and high quality.  And it remains comprehensive, creative, and effective with proven strategies that work.  But more important is — it continues to meet our member’s aspirations and their needs (that is) their online business goals and their challenges. 

And it’s all done from a simple website (right here) from off the Internet — located on the World Wide Web.


When I am able to find it in my spare time.  Outside of doing business activities online; being a visionary and curator that creates, organizes, and publishes content to the Website.  I also write the sales copy for the Web business. 

I am a humanitarian and historian.  In other words.  I fancy human wellbeing and enjoy reading history, specific history, events, and human culture.

I am also a Baby Boomer and proud to have lived in it’s time period or era.  And if anything that you might have heard about or read on the Baby Boomers.  Know that it was one of the greatest of times or “era” the American history and it’s culture of people have experienced.

Also keep in mind, this is only my point of view.

Graduating from West High — The Pioneers.  In late 2008.  I decided to attend Butler Community College to acquire a degree in marketing.  In addition, I learned how to build smaller websites for our affiliate marketing partners.

Interesting to note, reflexing back over college years. 

What I learned in a college environment.  




My primary goal for the website is to help guide, to encourage, and to help inspire new self-made entrepreneurs on how to start creating a business enterprise on the Web with the ethicalest, cost-effective, efficient, and safest approach.

And only Heaven and myself know all about the difficult challenges that I experienced in learning and understanding of a simple blueprint (a proven strategy) that actually start creating success and prosperity from online.

Since it took me a decade (being hardheady) of course.  To figure out what works and doesn’t work when starting the business (the initial startup).  To creating a Web presence and marketing (advertising or promoting) product and service. 

We (me and Internet Amateur Hub Media).  Intend to show you the easiest, cost-effective, and proven strategy (or an approach) for creating an at-home business from on the Web. 

And it’s understanding and/or knowing what building blocks (that is) the moving part and fundamentals that actually start a creating process for the business to appear on the World Wide Web.


And please take a few minutes to watch our welcoming video presentation—[Re-Do Video].


There’s Gold In Them There Mountains

"About Us"There is a tremendous amount of misconceptions and myths (out there on the Web) when it comes to understanding actual steps necessary to start creating an at-home business or enterprise off the Internet.

And this is what I discovered counting on marketing websites and blogs to help direct my steps in creating Internet Amateur Hub Media.

I found duplicated “ideas” (created and published) by leading marketing sites that are in the business or industry.  No doubt.  It was one of the reasons why new startups would fail in creating a business idea and it’s presence on the Web.

And my statement is based on our observation.  It’s not a point of view.  In fact, it actually created a downward funnel spiraling which leads to failure, unexpected challenges, and tons of competition for online business.


Who “in the world” would ever think or even believe to start creating an online business.  It was as easy as understanding a handful of simple but effective, efficient, and proven building fundamentals?


It took me a decade (from 2008 to 2018) before things actually soaked into my thick skull that it was necessary for me to FIRST establish (or write out) an “actionable plan.”  A roadmap directing (or guiding) the steps necessary to create the business whether they were on 100 sticky notes, or on a writing notepad, or even keeping a mental plan record.


Finding The Way

In spite, all the fantastic “ideas” that are out there over the Internet or (on the Web) for the best ways to start creating a business online, or the top 10 businesses to start online, even on the best business practices.  You will (still) have to find your own unique way (or approach) to start creating your Web business.

These ideas are nothing more than what the are … IDEAS.  Ideas are nothing more than theories; concepts, suggestions or propositions.  An undocumented and informal plan to carry out a specific task.  How to start creating a business and its presence on the Web.

Are there documented, studied, tested, and even proven strategies out there?  The answer to that question is yes! there are proven strategies (or an approach) to create a successful and prospering business from online.


An Internet-based business, i.e., a Web or online business is one of the most exciting yet self-fulfilling ambitions to accomplish that I discovered.


Don’t Make it Difficult


The End