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The World Wide Web: An informational Database or System of High Intelligence

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"The Web-The World Wide Web, An Informational System of Intelligence"

In this article (or post). 

We are going to discuss simple aspects of the Web.  The World Wide Web in relation to starting an at-home business online. 

The “Web” is known as an informational system of intelligence with modern technology and HTML documents assembled (or combined) together.

It also establishes the premises (or framework) for which an online business can appear on to the World Wide Web.  The “Web”  is also located on the Internet.  And (only) if you want to.  You can think of them as being “online.”

I know.

This is mediocre information that the majority of self-made Internet/online entrepreneurs may already know about.  But!  What about those that are new or just getting started (in business) and in the online world of business and digital marketing?

And (here) on our business blog.  The ‘online world of business and digital marketing‘ is known as the “Internet Marketing Sphere.”

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