• Kevin Ross posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    What Are Online Communities Anyway?

    First, I think that it’s important you know there are different types of communities online.

    Communities are ‘groups of people’ sharing a common interest (that is) they all are interested in the same thing or they’re involved in the same thing.

    Secondly, communities have different functions—it’s own unique ‘driven purpose’ for existing and no two communities are the same.


    Building Relationships


    We all (adults) should know or at least understand that there are different types of relationships.

    I would also like to think the term or word “relationship” is a self-explanatory one.  And we’re not giving reference to being kinky either 🙂

    We are talking about building “unique” relationships in our online business.

    Internet Marketing Chatter on The Move is about creating an environment for real conversation—real talk.  Letting go and sharing your thoughts, ideas, vision, and views related to online business building topics.

    Do you have ideas or views?  We’ll share ours with you too.