"Internet Amateur Hub Media Markeing and My Story of Surviving A Decade"

Once again…

Welcome to Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing. And thanks! a lot for taking time to learn a little more about us here at the Website.

And in addition to being the founder of a remarkable online business and referral Website. I am a self-starter DIY professional at-home entrepreneur.

So, what is a self-started DIY professional at-home entrepreneur anyway?

First of all. It’s important to remember there isn’t any marketing content (published on planet earth’s Web). Etched in stone. To imply that you or anyone else accessing the Internet to do business online don’t have proper grounds to announce who you are (as a business owner) or what it is you do in business online.

I have difficult times accepting some of the ideas I read on business websites and blogs describing what the requirements are for writing content for an about page for your business Website or marketing blog.


And to answer the question. “What is a self-starter DIY professional at-home entrepreneur.” It’s a person that is inspired, encouraged, motivated, or has a deep-rooted (or sincere) drive to succeed at whatever business opportunity they’re excited about.


may be. It is called an aspiration; an ambition, a goal, hope, or dream.:

It’s a genuine ambition that empowers us to acquire the ability to excel and/or to accomplish ‘personal’ goals without the help or assistance from others.

A DIY or do-it-yourself ‘at-home entrepreneur’ (on the other hand). Is a non-professional ‘business-minded’ person with a home-based or “at-home” business enterprise either offline or online. Or on the World Wide Web (i.e.,) the Web or Internet.

And before I indulge myself in passing along some more super invaluable info about us (here) at Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing. I would like to advise you of our Privacy Policy.”


We Are Committed To Helping New DIY At-Home Entrepreneurs Succeed In Their New Business Enterprise Online

Starting any brand new project there is always some type of work involved prior to accomplishing the goal. And starting a new home business enterprise on the Web is no different other than creating its presence online.


And in my journey online discovering, learning, and developing our own unique MO (method of operation) or approach.



“We are committed to helping new entrepreneurs succeed in their home business journey online.”




We are committed to helping the self-starter DIY at-home entrepreneurs to succeed in their new home business endeavors and from online.

Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing was started around February 2013. And, though, we weren’t an online business referral agency at the time.

However, we were moving towards a phenomenal improvement (five years later). In the business structure, features, and it’s functionality.

And with an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Internet Marketing from the Butler Community College (BCC). A decade of  Web development, support from other successful entrepreneurs.


develop a unique skill set to start creating their own “at-home” business idea, enterprise, or brand on the World Wide Web.

And the process is to learn simple “basic fundamentals” that will enable them to achieve all of their goals for the business, as well as, their hopes and/or dreams in life. And our top priority is to help the novice entrepreneur succeed in his or her new online business.

And, though, “Internet Amateur Hub Media” is an online marketing business that started in February 2013.  And, in spite, of being blessed with an extraordinary knowledge-base and experience in the “Online World of Business and Digital Marketing” which extend over a decade.

We are yet discovering and developing new and better ways to increase our business Website traffic flow.  Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) strategies, E-Mail marketing strategies (and/or techniques).  Meanwhile, continuing to improve marketing strategies while analyzing our marketing approach.

And no doubt.

In addition.  I’d like to encourage you to spend a little time on my business Website while getting to know us a little better prior to deciding to subscribe for a FREE Membership Pass.  You will also discover some very unique features to our Website while getting to know us better.

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Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing: “My First New At-Home Business Venture Online”

It all started one day in the mid-month of February 2008. When I had this whim that was deeply rooted in my mind, soul, heart, and body. In other words. I seriously desired to start my own home business and from online.

And, despite, not knowing what I wanted to do online or how I was going to get started. More critically, though, lacking the experience and/or knowledge of the “online world of business and digital marketing.” Or the Internet Marketing Sphere.

I decided to purchase my very first computer and started researching the Web and learning from some extraordinary Internet entrepreneurs. However, initially, though. I started doing online surveys. And, though, they weren’t “my cup of tea” so to speak. I continued with them, which occurred for several months, up until answering personal questions.

And please, help support us through our affiliate link and get your little ones the “Rabbit Out of  The Hat” trick!

And yes! You know that they will love you for it — too 🙂


You know that Birthdays are every month and the Christmas Holiday (2018) is approaching us very soon. As a matter of fact. Did I mention that it’s right around the corner too?

After a few months of trying to earn income with surveys. Frustration begins to set in, though, still excited. I started to get involved in network marketing. That is, MLM or multi-level marketing. And personally, for me. It was something like trying to pull the “rabbit out of a hat” trick.

“The Lost And Found”

“Too Many Irons In The Fire”

“Network Marketing Wasn’t My Ideal Business Approach”
With any commercial business that is online.

model. Example, Consumer to Consumer (C2C) businesses, or Business to Consumer (B2C), or a Business to Business (B2B), etc. Each model will have its own organization’s structure, it’s own functionality, purpose, and it’s own pros and cons.

While learning about network marketing. It was nothing like I ever experienced during the entire time of being online and in business. It is also a complex business approaches (my viewpoint) to succeed in

e-commerce business