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Date Revised: March 01, 2019 | Author: Kevin Ross
"About Us-Internet Amateur Hub Media and Kevin Ross"

Thank you for visiting the "About Us" page of the Website. Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing is an online business that provide insight into the most credible, reliable, and ethical Web-based businesses on starting new at-home business opportunities online.

We know and understand the many challenges that new at-home business opportunity seekers can and will experience when starting a new home business enterprise from online. More importantly, though. When looking for the most reliable content (i.e.,) guidance from off the Web.

It so easy to get caught up with all the different type of content on "business websites and blogs" in guiding you in an "ethical way" on "how to start a home business online" to creating a Web presence for the business on to the World Wide Web BUT cost-effectively.

Don't get us wrong.

Because there are tons of great ideas out there on the Web on how the goal can be accomplished. However, we provide you with the most easiest, ethical, and cost-effective way "to accomplish the goal" efficiently. We have over a decade of knowledge (and experience) in the online world of business and digital. Or simply the Internet Marketing Sphere or space.

Our Story Is Not The Same As Others: There Is Nothing Like The Fairy Tales in Books of Fables

It is entirely too much "duplicated content" on the Web (nowadays). Where everybody is talking about the same identical things. Selling the same "identical" products, copying from other business owner's writing style, and copying their overall theme structure is totally ridiculous.

Where is their "own" originality?

I guess, though. Some people would call it "being human". BUT I have to disagree ūüôā

"Web-Based Businesses Is Not A Franchise Business"

I found that most Web-based businesses in the "make money online" and the "how to start a business online" spaces has the tendency to blow-up their story and credentials. The "fairy tales" of fables in hope of getting yours and my business.

Over previous years of developing an online business referral agency. We've received tons of site visitors from unknown sources; different browsers, different regions, bounce rates, etc.

"Be Original, Be Yourself, and Be Creative"

One of the main goals of my referral Website is to show new business owners coming into the Internet marketing space "how to be original" when crafting their business IDEA. How to build their Web presence uniquely, how to create pronominal content that blows the sockets out of wack of the human mind. And how to get the job done cost-effectively, efficiently, and ethically than other Web-based businesses that's out there.


insight Our story and journey in business online. Is like no other entrepreneur's journey that desired to make a standing for themselves within the world of business and digital marketing.

It is also a common experience for others to choose different paths of traveling down the corridors of financial freedom towards succeeding in their business venture and online.

Though, each of us can encounter similar experiences creating the business (itself) and its presence on to the Web. Our personal experiences and journey in business differs, And it's nothing compared to the fairy tales we used to read as small children growing in a world of make-believe.


Although, my thoughts, ideas, and heart was more towards selling SMC products online. I ended up trying out surveys. And (in doing online survey). For me, they weren't my cup of tea -- so to speak. So, I started building my first business name brand; Home Base Business Seekers dot com (over a decade ago).

We started out as Home Base Business Seekers dot com over a decade ago. Something like February 2oo8 while living in Enid, Oklahoma. And, though, my thoughts, ideas, and heart was more towards selling SMC products online. I ended up trying out surveys, and they weren't for me.


And it's nothing like the story fable of Alice In Wonderland. Nor, is it anything like the little boy that cried wolf! But, a real-life experience (on the Web). Learning how to create my own unique business "ideas" from online.

The (above) Website that we're sharing with you. Was the pillar in which I was able to start creating my own unique ideas and building my home business enterprises and their journey on to the World Wide Web.

You can also gather a little more details on our insight from above by visiting our "Affiliate Program" landing page for affiliate marketers.

"It Seems Not So Long Ago"

It (only) seems not so long ago, climbing the tallest tree in our backyard at the age of twelve. And boy! Was it ever so tall! And while looking at that tree growing up. I always desired (desperately) one day to climb to the very top of the last branch to see how much of the neighborhood I could see.

And once I made it to the very top of that last branch. Oh! boy. Fear approached and made a home on the inside of my heart. And, though, I vividly recall mother calling the Fire Department and Ducky (a good friend in the neighborhood) climbing up that ole-tree to guide me down.

And yes! I got tanning for it too.

It never stopped me from climbing to the very top of trees. The experience, though, taught me three important lessons to remember. Be thankful for being original in everything that I do. Keep my unique vivid imagination alive. And always be open-minded to discovering new, different, and/or better ways of being resourceful.

"Home Base Business Seekers Dot Com"

The very first home-based business ideas I created on the Web "home base business seekers.com" over a decade ago. And today our ideas have taken on a totally different theme (or topic). A new look, feel, and a total new canvas layout. We call 'home base business seekers.com' "Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing" a referral agency.



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