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Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing: A Mission That Appeared Impossible To Accomplish from Start To Finish

"About Me"Once again, I’m Kevin. And I am also the founder of ‘Internet Amateur Hub Media‘ marketing. And welcome to the latest, greatest, improvements and updates to my online business Weblog.

OnInternet Amateur Hub Media marketing and I welcome you to our online business referral Weblog.

And, personally, I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about who we are. Thanks!


My name is Kevin Ross. I am the CEO and founder of Internet Amateur Hub Media marketing. In addition. I’m also a self-starter, DIY (do-it-yourself), “at-home” entrepreneur.

And once again…

Welcome! to a very unique online marketing platform. A Consumer to Consumer (C2C) business Weblog.


“Getting Started Online”

It all started in February 2008, where I had a whim (one day) deeply rooted. I sincerer desire to start a home business and online.

Despite, not knowing what I wanted to do or how I going to get started. Not having experience and/or knowledge in the business world of digital marketing. I purchased my first computer and went to learning and researching. It was years later, though, I acquired an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in marketing.

From starting out doing online surveys. Learning network marketing and affiliate marketing, then my first e-commerce storefront. Now, the most challenging business models of all times. A membership to an online business referral Weblog for self-starter DIY entrepreneurs.


A consumer to consumer (C2C) online business. The past 10+ years (2008 to 2018) of discovering, observing, learning, and implementing unique business-building strategies has been a living nightmare.

And from living “a nightmare” to enjoying all that I have been blessed to learn and develop. I would not change a darn thing nor would I wish any of all that I have experienced upon no one. And (despite) all of the remarkable ideas on how to start a business online or how to create an “about” page, etc.

You have to make the final decision on what you are going to do and how you are planning to execute—to carry out specific instructions on accomplishing “specific goals” for your (individual) type of online business, brand, or idea. And it took years for me to realize all the “ideas” (on the Web) are nothing more than propositions that worked for the content creator.

And if there is one critical experience I learned from reading original content that was created by these content creators. I would honestly say… They provided basic instructions on the best approach they found that worked for them. However, it took years for me to accept this reality.

The bottom line… You have to discover your own unique path. Be original, be yourself, and be creative. And here’s something intriguing — too. You will also find that there are other content creators following in your footsteps. Hmmm.


“Here Is What Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing Do Online”

Initially, starting a home business online was a lot of fun. Reading extraordinary IDEAS for accomplishing goals, hopes, and dreams. The link is provided by the Academy of Achievement. And when you’re offered a free ebook. Wow! That’s exciting to gain an in-depth insight into a content creator’s mind.

Here is what we do online.

We publish “easy-to-do at-home business-building strategies.” They are tried and proven strategies that work. They are also easy to understand. They’re self-paced, cost-effective, and they will save you a lot of time.

In addition to the work, we do here, at “Internet Amateur Hub Media” marketing. We also provide you with consumer to consumer (C2C) referrals. They are content-driven Web businesses that provide the most ethical, credible, and reliable marketing content. They’ll help you too — to understand the essentials of creating businesses on the Web.

In addition…

There are corporate Web businesses in the “how to make money online” and the “how to start a business online” industry as well. We call them leading Web businesses in the industry because they’re global or have an entire crew contributing to various aspects of the website or blog.

However, each Web business contributes it’s own as we all are affiliated with the “online world of business and digital marketing.” Keep in mind. We did all the heavy lifting for you by providing you with our best referrals and a simple blueprint for starting a home business, brand, or creating your own unique idea on the Web.

And at this time. I would like to encourage you to take an additional few more minutes and familiarize yourself with our privacy policy for more information.


What Are Consumer To Consumer Referrals?

First, let’s discover an acceptable understanding of what the term (or word) “referral” means.  And then we will take a look at what “B2B” referrals” actually is.

A referral means by word of mouth.

Our “Google search” defines referral as ‘an act of referring you to someone or something for consultation, review, or further action‘. However, “here” on our business website. We define the term as spreading a good word about a particular person, a business or brand. And even a product or service that you use and/or rely on.


“C2C Referral”

Think about (for a moment) all the research that you’ve done looking on the Internet. Just to find (on the Web). Dependable, trustworthy, or ethical websites and/or blogs that did provide invaluable ideas and resources on how you can complete a specific task efficiently and cost-effective.

Now, let’s think about the same scenario but from a different angle or perspective.

Assumingly, you know nothing about starting a business enterprise. Nevertheless, knowing or understanding what is actually essential for starting or creating your business online, the Web, or over the Internet.

A business referral would be a “reputable” [number of monthly searches] online business like “Internet Amateur Hub Media” marketing. Where we are recommending another web business that we know and/or use in our business to help you.

A new at-home business owner who is just starting their newly discovered at-home business or enterprise and looking for “invaluable” ideas and/or resources for starting a business online or for marketing in the “online world of business and digital marketing.”

Here is an example of what we mean by “leading Web businesses” in the industry. The categories are as follows:

  • Best ways to create original content for your audience.
  • How to write copy that sales your product or service.
  • Using Social Media in marketing in your business, brand, product, or service.
  • Learn how to optimize your business website or blog. It called Search Engine Optimization or (SEO).
  • . And how to start an email list and how to do email marketing.

Onward. We’ll also connect you to a few of the FREE services that we’ve used in our business.


A Personal Story of How I Survived Over A Decade In Business and On The World Wide Web

"About Internet Amateur Hub Media-My Story and How I Was Able to Survive Over A Decade"Nothing really comes easy in life.

And the majority of us wasn’t as fortunate as some and handed to us on a silver platter our prosperity. Financial freedom and independence to live life as we choose.

We had to work hard and earnestly to acquire what little we have and with perseverance. The only two ingredients most people had of which enabled them to accomplish some of their goals.

As for me, though, creating Internet Amateur Hub Media marketing. It had nothing to do with a college degree I acquired in a community college.  That is an Associate of Applied Science or AAS in marketing.


It Was Nothing I Could Achieve On My Own

It had everything to do with WHO I believed in and trusted to help guide me in the right direction. Meanwhile helping me through my challenges. Or the disappointments and desire to toss in the towel throughout the process of creating the business.

It was The Creator of all living things in which have breath and the life-blood in it of whom sustained me. And His Son for guiding me while pulling me through all of the many difficult challenges and times I experienced creating my business online.

I also found that having faith. Not in humankind.  But in a superior being of which “humankind” is not (in spite of) beliefs and/or practices.

That despite what may appear (to me) as reality was nothing more than a test to determine whether or not I would submit and give in to my weakness and/or all of my fears. Or to continue onward, meanwhile, persevering to the end of completing all business goals.

And what I found was an awareness of all that I needed to succeed in my business.

A unique business mindset. A passion to help others struggling in business by sharing all that I had learned and discovered. A degree of comprehension “unfathomed” I had no idea that I was able to acquire. And all the tools and resources (set in place) that I needed to complete a business task.


Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing: A Consumer To Consumer Business


If you didn’t already know.

Being human is triggered by the desires of our heart. And obtaining financial freedom and independence is a chose of which a person chooses to live his or her life… The way they choose.

It is merely impossible to create a business brand that will set you apart from all the noise and competition on the World Wide Web. Especially, when you are an ingenious creator (blessed by the Creator) and others on the Web find your creative beneficial. Hmmm.


The competition idea can lead to human fallacy, especially, when it causes you to constantly change (pretty much) everything that has to do with your website and/or blog. It’s a “competition mentality” (no doubt) that will drive you right up to a wall — so to speak.

And most website/blog owners are absurd when it comes to using, borrowing, or taking “ideas” from other Web-based businesses and their owners.  Adding the so-called superior mentality seems to have acquired the notion it can take whatever it wants to (despite) the reality it doesn’t belong to them.



And, though, “Internet Amateur Hub Media” is an online marketing business that was started in February 2013.  And I’m thankful to acquire a unique but extraordinary knowledge-base and experience in the “Online World of Business and Digital Marketing” of which extend over a decade.

We are yet discovering new and better ways to increase our business Website traffic flow.  Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) strategies, E-Mail marketing strategies (and/or techniques).  Meanwhile, continuing to improve marketing strategies while analyzing our marketing approach.

And no doubt.  LIFE…

Is intended for us to live fully and abundantly regardless of financial, personal, religious, political, etc., background.  Or to endure challenges due to disabilities, or challenges based on my or your color, beliefs, sexuality, nature, gender, geographical location, etc.

And through the collaboration of sharing knowledge, experience, and opportunity that will meet the goals, hopes, and/or dreams of others.  We (too) are able to build towards our goals, hopes, and dreams.  However, it will only be accomplished by building unique friendship, loyalty, and relationship.