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"About Internet Amateur Hub Media and Me"Our “About” Web Page (no doubt) is uncommon to most about pages that you find on marketing Websites and blogs.

It has also been extremely challenging, time-consuming, yet the most delicate piece of writing and style than the other Web pages throughout the Web site.


First of all.  Our goals at Internet Amateur Hub Media.  Are not the same as other Web businesses or their owners.  It is impossible for any two people to be identical.  The same way.  Right? 

No two people will have the same goals, vision, or ideas.  Typically, that is impossible to achieve.  At least (it is) for the human race.  However, anything is certainly possible for The Creator.

That being said.

There are no two people that think identical.  I am laughing at this one.  I’ve read on one of our frequent blogs (a favorite one) where a guest writer appeared to “think” opposite.  Hmmm.

Anyway, no two people will write the same way or their style of writing the same way as someone else.  Not unless you’re duplicating their creative thinking, ideas, and writing style—typically, it too, is impossible to achieve too.

And finally.

Ntwo people will create (i.e., started, built or designed) their business the same way (in spite) their similarities—it’s impossible.  And no two people will run or operate their Web business the same way either. 

It “too” is impossible. 

And of course.  You will always find those type of people, that is critics, cynics, and naysayers sitting on the sideline doing what they do best.  The accusers of one’s human nature; character and/or personality. 

They’re pessimists and I wonder about their “human nature.”  Hmmm


Absolute Goals For Internet Amateur Hub Media

"About Us-The Absolute Goal Here at Internet Amateur Hub Media"

Our main goal is to help educate, guide, and support our members with creating their at-home venture on the Web.  

The new, self-made, at-home, Internet Amateur – “Entrepreneur.”  

Equally important is to develop a creative, effective, and an ethical approach that will enable us to accomplish our unique goals for the Web site. 


Through a comprehensivecost-effectiveentertaining and interactive approach that will be self-paced for the slow starters—like me!  Or the slow learner or average person who’s interested to learn.

Our objective, though, here, is to implement.  To set in place the appropriate stepping stones (so to speak).  With a delicate approach that will allow us to accomplish each one of our “main” goals as stated above.

We know that through sharing our unique experiences (and knowledge of course) of the Internet Marketing Sphere—the Online World of Business and Digital Marketing to be exact.

And our personal hand’s experience in creating Internet Amateur Hub Media, curating with effective marketing content, innovative strategies, and continued support.

We are (strongly) confident that each member will achieve each of their “unique” goals providing unwarranted challenges don’t arise and prevent them from working towards accomplishing each one of their goals for the business.

Each member will also have the same unique opportunity to experience well-balanced exercises of learning, developing, and performing a unique skill-set. 

The ability (or skills) that will enable them to start creating heir own new, self-made, at-home business enterprise while advertising or promoting their product, a line of products, or a unique professional service.


The World Wide Web

"About Us-The World Wide Web"Since the Web is as system of ‘collected documents’ with useful information (i.e., data and technology) combined or together. 

Connecting to other extraordinary “documents” (globally) through “hypertext links” (Google search) over the Internet.

Pretty much it would be extremely difficult to impossible to find every Website and blog that will provide you with the most ethical, credible, even reliable marketing content out there on the Web.

You would (literally) have to go through every Search Engine Result Page.  Read every paid advertisement and editorial listing on each search returned page to get an idea of whether or not it’s worth your looking further into.


You would have to read each Website and blog on that search returned page to get an honest idea of whether or not the site and it’s content is of any value (i.e., ethicalcredible, and/or reliable) marketing content that can help you to start an honest business.


“The Web”

“The Web, a global system of intelligence providing references from one location to another location.  Accessible only through hypertext links that utilizes a broad range of knowledge, experience, even possibilities beyond your imagination.”ion.


If You Fail to Plan Your Business Venture, You Plan to Fail In Your Business Venture

"About Us-Fail to Plan-Plan to Fail"They say that there was gold in them their mountains—those heaps of mountains. 

You know, that’s out there (all in space) on the World Wide Web?  I’m laughing at this one too.

I don’t think it really matters whether or not you write on hundreds of pieces of paper, a few sheets of paper, or keep a mental record of the strategies you implement to create your own at-home venture on the Web.

As  long as you know how you are planning to accomplish those business goals.  That is all that really matters.  At least you know how you are going to achieve each one of your unique goals for your Web business. 

And do you know that allegedly.

Mr. Benjamin Franklin once cited a famous quote some us know (all-to-well) a whole lot about the famous quotation?

And some of us will use the “famous quotation” in the nowadays.  That is the hereandnowadays as of 2017.  Depending on the situation and/or the circumstances of course.

And by the way. 

I am not intending or am I planning on changing any part of this section of our “about” Web page. 

Now, that is out of the way too.  Here’s the famous quote.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


"About Us-Oh My"How true and effective the quote is today for many of us.

The homeowner, renters, travelers, corporate business people, doctors, lawyers, teachers, those sort of unique people.

And us (too) of course.  The brand new “self-made” “at-home” Internet Amateur “Entrepreneur.”  That is to say… You! and me (“too”) of course.

Now, let me update you on those type of “unexpected” challenges that we know all about too well (here) at Internet Amateur Hub Media.

An example would be taking care of Mom or Dad and our own personal business.  Or working full and/or part-time employment to support family or ourselves, or attending middle school, college, vo-tech, etc.

Meanwhile, working our butts off striving to accomplish extraordinary goals for our at-home venture—a business enterprise on the Web.  They are the type of challenges you experience (outside the business) while working towards accomplishing goals for the business.

There will also be challenges (business challenges) from the initial starting point of your at-home venture on the Web. 

From deciding a type of business, a business name, and actually building the business on the World Wide Web.  And locating the appropriate marketing content that will help guide you will be a challenge of it’s own.

Remember to be mindful of them 🙂


About Us: Kevin Ross

"About Us-ME"Good morning.  Good afternoon.  Or good evening to you out there.  Wherever you may be “out there” on the World Wide Web. 

Hello there…

My name is Kevin Ross, and I would like personally welcome! you to our new Web site.  Internet Amateur Hub Media. 

An “Easy To Do At Home Business Website for The Brand New (Self-Made) Internet Amateur – Entrepreneur.”

And by the way.  Thank! you for stopping by to visit our’s “About” Web Page.  And now that is out of the way.  There is no doubt in my mind.  I am the last of (those of us) who are still living on planet earth. 

I am a Baby Boomer and proud to have experienced the era.  And whatever it may have been (if anything) about the Baby Boomers and our time period that you might have heard or read about. 

Know that it was (in fact) the greatest times the American history (or culture) will have every experienced.  Keep in mind too, this is only my point of view.  

And of course.  I am an Entrepreneur.  An Internet Amateur – “Entrepreneur” at that.  And whatever it is that you decide to call yourself.  By George, it will be suitable just as well.  

In addition to my status quo.  “Internet Amateur – Entrepreneur.”  I am the individual—the person of whom manages the Website.

I am the Webmaster for the Web site.  The author of the Website; the creator as well as the curator of excellent marketing content (here) at our Web site.

I’m known as the Founder of this very unique, remarkable, and easy-to-do Website that I created just for the new (at-home) Internet Amateur – “Entrepreneur.” 

And it’s all right (HERE) in space.  On the World Wide Web, located in… the *Internet Marketing Sphere* 


Distinguished Qualities, Interests, and Accomplishments

"About Us-Distinguishing Qualities-Interests-Accomplishments"As founder of a remarkable Web site. 

It wouldn’t be right not to ‘step up to the plate’ and acknowledge a few qualities, some interests I have, and few accomplishments since we started the Web site.

And what better place to start than sharing.  I am a philanthropist—a humanitarian.  I firmly believe in standing for human wellbeing.  All walks of life (good or bad) are created equal in the eyes of The Creator. 

And despite unwarranted treatment, inappropriate actions and/or behavior that are exhibited by others.  And BOY.  Let me tell you. 

It is extremely! difficult to impossible to turn aside from them alone — you need a see all… hear all… and know-all Helper.  It’s knowing and understanding moral values, how you apply them, and the treat others as you would want them to treat you.


“Other Qualities”

Outside of the humanitarian part of me.  I am a historian too.  I love reading history especially bible history, and the establishment of the human race.  And being an Internet Amateur – Entrepreneur that I am. 

I am also a visionary, prolific writer, and curator of excellent content (all right here) in space.  On the World Wide Web located at the … Internet Amateur Hub Media.  And, in addition to those characteristics. 

I am a quite an intelligent “Internet Amateur – Entrepreneur” at that.  Lastly, I am blessed to possess a handful of incredible experiences with certain areas of interest and expertise.



Boy!  Do I ever get a real supercharge out of reading realdowntoearth, accurate and genuine –INSIGHT– from real people.  When I read good content from other content creators. 

It lets me know whether or not I can connect with them. When sharing about something that is important “to me” then I will identify with what they are sharing about—as long as it’s understandable. 

It’s like being on the same page so to speak.  And can’t nobody really tell it like you can anyway.  Right?  So, with that being said.

I get a real supercharge reading about other people’s insight, their ideas, thoughts, and concerns.  It let’s me know how they feel about life in general.  It tells me about what is going on in their lives, what is happening around them, and whether or not I can help them.

And I also get a real kick out of curating our own extraordinary content for our readers.  Writing our own sales copy and our discoveries from across the Web.  “Can’t nobody really tell it like you can.”

And the charismatic enthusiasm to “curate our own extraordinary content, writing our own sales copy, and our discoveries.” Well, that’s another story.



What a learning experience it has been for us (here) at Internet Amateur Hub Media while exploring, discovering, researching, observing, and developing our strategies that have been long forgotten.

And only Heaven and the Hosts; and remarkable memories, will recall an amazing journey in business at-home and from online.  Meanwhile, creating a unique Web presence that will enable us to carry our message to the Web.


Here’s how it all started…

At the very beginning of my at-home venture and it’s business journey from on the Web (i.e., the World Wide Web) that is, or the Internet/online.

At the time, I didn’t know that my business seeking venture online was going to turn out to be more than what I had (initially) anticipated. 

As a matter of fact.  It turned out to be an unexpected learning experience encountering (9+) nine-plus years of researching the “how-to-do” business categories online.

Meanwhile, discovering a peculiar “informational” system and it’s technologies of “intelligence” on a global scale.  And in the process of our discoveries.  We observed amazing IDEAS from unique Entrepreneurs. 

And learning from them (their unique “IDEAS”).  I was able—blessed if you will, to develop our own unique strategy (and learning “forgotten” techniques too).  To create both the Internet Amateur Hub Media and The HUB, Work Inspired. 


Final Thoughts On The World Wide Web, An Informational System of Documents (All) In Space – Located in The Internet Marketing Sphere

The Web is a collection of useful information (i.e., data) and technology combined, and connecting documents to other documents through hypertext links over the Internet.

(HERE) at Internet Amateur Hub Media. 

We view the “Web” as a global system of referencing invaluable intelligence from one location to another and accessible (only) through hypertext links.  Enabling (you and me) to discover a wide range of knowledge, experience, and even possibilities beyond your imagination.”

However, the curiosity of your imagination.”  No doubt, will direct you to a place and time of meeting all of your expectations, meanwhile arriving at the gateway to your final destination.

~Kevin Ross – 2017


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