Welcome to our Social Community and Website Updates (activity stream) threads.

We also have a few fundamental principles to help guide you while using our Social Community, Website Updates, and getting the most use of their services.

They are guidelines that will help you better understand what they are used for.

Community and Website Updates “activity threads” are two (2) uniquely separate features from the website itself.

However, both features will require a free “Registration” application process. Please [right-click] our link.

And here’s the really cool part. You don’t’ have to register for a “free” Website membership account (either) to join in on all the chatter on the move.

The Social Community Activity Threads

Everything in a social community revolves around its members.

Our community is created for building a unique business relationship.

It will consist of user profile functionalities such as activity tracking. Messaging (both) privately and directly. Organizing yourself into individual groups. Commenting on direct posting, favoriting, mentioning, along with email support.

The Website Updates Activity Threads

Please don’t forget to [right-clickall links inside the threads.

Website Updates” are the same (in one thread) as the community threads.

It’s also important to remember that our community threads and Website Updates are the same threads in one place. However, viewing “Website Updates.”

You are viewing my ‘direct postings.’ They are my “personal activity threads” which are separate from commenting threads in the community itself. That is, our “direct posting” has nothing to do with the “community” threads others post themselves.

Our direct—personal threads are designated to advise. It’s a heads-up about what we are doing (here) on Website itself.

They consist of our personal activities from all around the World Wide Web. Our recent posts (or articles) published to the site and Website-related issues.

Registering for A FREE Website Membership Account”

Website “Registration” is a totally different process (or aspect) separate of any main feature of the Website itself. Registering an account will enable you access to all material or content that has been published to the site.

Keep in mind. It’s not necessary you register an account to use other features and services the agency Website provides.

Thank you for your interest in our business. 🙂

P.S. If you have concerns or feel mislead from the material or content in this thread. You can email us directly [rightclick link] your comments.

As always our motto. Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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We are still under construction—development of the Weblog. Anything and everything, in live, worth having

Still Updating…

Certainly, the hard work, time, effort, and/or perseverance invested. And all the challenges (i.e.,) trials and errors.

The hurdles and obstacles you’ve endured while investing in what you are so passionate about.

No doubt!

It is “certainly” worth the work, time, and challenges. Meanwhile, moving towards accomplishing business goals. Despite, the “work, time, and/or challenges” invested in contributing to our personal success.

And if you want us to let you know when we “do” go live on the wire. Let us know who you are along with a good email where we can notify you of the “official” launch date.

And “no doubt” we highly respect the rights we all have for our privacy.

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