Kevin is the founder and CEO of Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing, LLC. He holds a college degree in Internet Marketing of which he obtained through Butler Community College, BCC. Kevin is also running a home business in the cleaning and janitorial industry, and he is a self-starter DIY (do-it-yourself) Solo-Entrepreneur. He also has over a decade of experience, and knowledge in the business world of digital marketing.

Although, Kevin started in business online February 2008. He continues to educate himself while helping other aspiring new entrepreneurs in learning and understanding the internet marketing sphere. Kevin, also, writes all the content for each of his online businesses, and he is a phenomenal Web designer too. My family and friends, though, call me Winnie The Phoo, although I prefer Phoo Bear.


The purposeful value of this article. Hopefully, is to shed light and help separate the difference between what is real versus what is not real. In other words. There is a difference between a point of view versus an authentic idea that builds streams of revenue through affiliate marketing channels —Read More →