Affiliate Marketing Programs: Best Affiliate Marketing Program For Beginners and Retirees

Affiliate Marketing Programs: The Best Affiliate Marketing Program For Beginners and Retirees

Discover The Best Affiliate Marketing Program For Beginners, Solo Entrepreneurs, and Retirees

"The Best Affiliate Marketing Program For Beginners-Honest Reviews verse Opinionated Reviews"

Go Grab Your Favorite Beverage, Pull A Chair Close To The Screen, and Get Ready For One Hecke-of A Review On Wealthy Affiliate and The WA Community Gang: The Best Affiliate Marketing Program for Beginners and Retirees

"Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners"

"Our Commitment"

Internet Amateur Hub Media is a marketing agency.

What we provide are credible, reliable, and ethical "referrals" about small "at-home" and corporate business websites that we found to provide new entrepreneurs with the best, cost-effective, and the most ethical ways to start creating a home business enterprise and its presence online efficiently.

Our mission and commitment is to ensure our clients marketing needs are being met in an ethical and timely fashion. Though, it's not enough to "just" provide them with credible, reliable, and ethical resources that empowers them with the ability to build their own home business enterprises cost-effectively and with efficiently on line.

"We Support Ethical Online Business Platforms Maintaining Their Integrity"

Not every marketing website or blog that talk-the-talk will walk-the-walk. "And it's easier said than done".

Our priority is to ensure that we are being supportive enough every step of our client's business journey "on line" advancing through a learning phase. Step... by step... by step. Equally important, they are accomplishing their business goals throughout the building process. Meanwhile, advancing through the learning curve (and experience) "UNDERSTANDING" the process.

Our objective, though. At WA is to help guide them throughout the different training modules while they advance during the learning curve while developing the necessary skill set (and knowledge) of the business arena. The on line world of business and digital marketing.

Our partner's business platform is designed to help new members with understanding an idea management process and formulating a profitable business idea. Understanding keyword research, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well as how to effectively craft or create content. How to build a Web presence, leverage Social Media reach to driving organic search result traffic to their business Web site.

"Who I Am"


My name is Kevin...

And I am the founder and CEO of Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing. We're a marketing agency online.

Actually, it's a unique home business enterprise that I created on the Web to help new "at-home" solo entrepreneurs in locating credible, reliable, and even ethical Web businesses (globally) across the World Wide Web that will help them to understand how to make money online.

In addition...

Once you signup to become either a starter or premium member "here" with us at Wealthy Affiliate business platform and joining our WA community gang. I will be your mentor here at "Wealthy Affiliate" (WA) while you are advancing through each training modules adapting to the necessary skill set as you become a successful "part-time"  or "full-time" affiliate marketer.

And once you have signed up after joining WA. You can always find me at my "profile" home page of the Website. And IF you have questions, concerns, or you ran in to a shag or two along the way. Send me your question or concern through private messaging (PM) me 🙂




You might find this shocking news.

And I know (that I know) it might also sound entirely too good to be true to you. But figuring the statistics.

There is an estimate of seven (7) billion people on planet earth. And four (4) billion of them (and counting) are utilizing the Internet or the World Wide Web (the Web) to do their online shopping. It's also staggering to imagine the number of those that "actually" have a Web business and generating income from all of the "4 billion" user-traffic.


Here is something else that might shock your senses too. The business or industry of making money online also generates about eighty-seven (87) trillion dollars a year.

You heard read that right...

87 trillion dollars a year of earned income for those of us that have a home business online.


"Over A Decade In Business Online"

After ten (10) years of turning my wheels over and over again (year after year). Looking for ways to come up with a profitable business idea that would earn me with an income from my fresh, new, ideas for a home business enterprise. Meanwhile, studying and learning about the online world of business and digital marketing.

Here at the Website. I call it the Internet marketing space (or sphere). I finally discovered my own fresh, new, niche idea for a home business enterprise. And here is the really cool thing about it.

It's ALIVE on the live wire gathering us Web traffic from across the Web World Wide. Meanwhile, it's earning us an income online and from the privacy of my own home.

Now, I have another kicker for you too. I actually started my online businesses while living on Social Security Disability. And with the fraction of the cost. Less than $156.00 a year. I was blessed to start/build, run and operate five (5) businesses from online.

And now that (we) Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing and me are partners with the best affiliate marketing program for beginners and retirees. I'm paying only $49.00 a month to access all of their resources, tools, and services while continuing my education and developing new skills while earning all at the same time online for FREE!!!

In addition. I was also able (I prefer being blessed) if you will. To start building my very first successful affiliate marketing Web business after 10 years of being in business online turning my wheels "year after year". And what!!! an extraordinary business opportunity (and experience) it's been for us.

And, hear a moment. I'll be telling you more about them.


The Secret of Secrets: Somebody's Watching Your

"Best Affiliate Marketing Program For Beginners and Retireers-ReCap"

Before I start sharing about our little secret of secrets. I have something important on my mind I want to touch bases on that is annoying and frustrating. And IF you are one of those type of people who do the same thing.

Then shame on you.

It is just as easy to find weaknesses with any business that is on line than it is to find the quality, personality, and the authenticity of those behind a canvas with painted content; printed words and imagery upon the cover of Web pages and posts.

By the way... most Web-based businesses you find over the Internet and their ideas are NOT original---they're not their own.

Simply because they duplicate what the see others doing in their business. It's human nature right? Henceforth, their business idea(s) is "NOT" original" or authentic. They belong to some other small "at-home" or "corporate" business website or blog.

And the harder you try to be yourself, unique, creative, original, entertaining etc. The harder others try to mimic you or your creativity by implementing your ideas in to their marketing platform.

Meanwhile, they have the nerve to talk about being creative (with your ideas) mind you. Equally the same with being competitive in business with your ideas too. What a twisted way of thinking. A distorted belief, business practice, and behavior to demonstrate in an on line business where those that you are duplicating is watching what you are doing.

And "IF" this is you. There is nothing "ethical" about it and you shouldn't be in a "real business" and on line. Now, I have expressed our point of view. And YES... I can show you a handful of small websites/blogs that have duplicated OUR ideas into their marketing platform.

And, though, it may not mean anything to you.

Once again, "IF" this is you -- too.

"Shame on you." 🙂

"Don't Follow The Crowd: Be Original... Be Yourself"

There's nothing like being popular at school, college, on the job, or being the families favorite pick. And there is nothing wrong with being different either. Not being like everybody else in the crowd (despite) of it being noticeable.

The physiology behind the idea is (that) the one who is "NOT" like everybody else in the crowd is the person that is getting the most attention. The most obvious.

It's the person that's "not" (in the middle of the crowd) shouting out load "here I am" is the most obvious who gets the most attention. You look around and say "he or she" isn't partying like everyone else so you walk up to them and introduce yourself because they are different.

As human beings, members of the human society. It tends to migrate towards originality more so than what it is know to do. Or that is common or average to it (as a majority of people being human).

And, though, it (that is common society) is aloofed (standoffish) of what it is not familiar with. Or can't even identify with or don't understand as members of a society. The human race of people.

They "still" tends to lean towards mimicking originality (in spite) of it being "standoffish". The saying is... "curiosity will kill the cat". Right? The moral of all of this is, this...

Be original.

Be yourself and DON'T copy, duplicate, or mimic what you see other successful businesses doing on-line. It limits the credibility of your own Web presence. Especially, "IF" someone calls you out on it. Case and point is... find your own way of developing and expressing your own creativity and intelligence.

"Now Our Secret of Secrets"


It was after the "ten (10) years of turning my wheels over and over again (year after year). Looking for ways to come up with a profitable business idea that would earn me with an income from my fresh, new, idea for a home business enterprise." I decided to go back and give Wealthy Affiliate (WA) business platform and their WA community gang a second chance.

You see...

When I first got started on my business quest online. I discovered the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) business platform way back in the day when entrepreneurs were more genuine, authentic--original than they are to date. I never stuck with WA long enough to learn from their business platform or to develop affiliate marketing skills.


I decided to give them a second chance. And when I dd. I was able to build "My Bald Heads dot com.

Best Affiliate Marketing Program For Beginners and Retirees: Wealthy Affiliate Business Platform and The WA Community Gang

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"Earning Income with Wealthy Affiliate"




"Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners-Wealthy Affiliate Training Module-Image"


The Best Affiliate Marketing Program For Beginners and Retirees: Although Each Person Has A Different Level of Understanding Affiliate Marketing, The Concept Never Changes

"The Best Affiliate Marketing Program For Beginners and Retirees"


Affiliate marketing is a performance-based at-home business opportunity that will enable you, me, and anyone else who is interested to earn an at-home commission online. That is a form of marketing on the Web or over the Internet. And what affiliates sell are other people's products or services.

They are advertisers that is willing to pay a commission to affiliates for getting customers to their Web site. You also have what are called publishing network companies (or clearing houses) that promotes/encourages affiliates to sell their vendors (or advertisers) products and services for them.

We sale real--tangible items to digital downloadable products and services. They are fabulous, high-quality products and services from vendors like Amazon, Walmart, Commission Junction, Share-A-Sale, and so on.

In addition. This type of eCommerce marketing is one of the fastest, lucrative, and effective business models to start earning an income from for beginners, solo entrepreneurs (like myself), DIY and retirees. Let's take a quick look at how the process works.

"A Simple Process: The Concept Behind A Successful Affiliate Marketing Web Business"

  1. Research a profitable market that you are passionate about.
  2. Find products and services for your market.
  3. Build a user-friendly website or blog.
  4. Establish yourself as an expert in your business or industry.
  5. Build a customer-base relationship using email marketing, and
  6. Up-sale related products or services to your market.
  7. To learn more, get stated TODAY!!!

After trying several affiliate marketing programs. I finally arrived at a decision that Wealthy Affiliate (WA) was, in fact, the best affiliate marketing program on the market for beginners, DIY and solo-entrepreneurs as myself, and retirees to start earning commission-based incomes in the privacy of our own home.

And (in spite) each person has their own level of understanding things. Wealthy Affiliate has the #1 technologically advanced, sophisticated, and progressive (that is comprehensive) business platform in the world. The best platform to learn so that slow-learners (like myself) can learn and understand the process of creating a profitable Web business at home.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 7 FREE Full Days





"Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners-Make Money Online"

Learn More About Going Premium

"Discover Your Path To Affiliate Marketing"

There are other functions, processes, tasks, and responsibilities all involved "outside" of the important aspects (listed above) to a Web business when you are in the "initial" startup phase of a newly discover "at-home" business idea for Web marketing.

The beginning of discovering your profitable idea, crafting (or creating) the presence on to the World Wide Web. That is on to the Web, on line, or from over the Internet. Establishing a "business professional image" to generating quality Website traffic, converting that "Website traffic" into leads to the end of the purchasing cycle (i.e.) to a paying customer.

Finally, promoting related products or services to your chosen market.

"The Basics"

All of the above ARE the basic fundamentals (in a nutshell) of what 99.9% of your business/marketing websites and Web-logs or blogs DON'T know or understand. And though they "talk about it" on their marketing platforms. They can not show you HOW it is actually achieved.

Over the past ten (10+ years), February 2008 to the current time of writing this piece of content on this white canvas which would be February 2019. I've been blessed to educate my self, observe others, and develop an authentic---"out of this world" skill set that is unknown to common man.

That is, in regards to, both, the "make money on-line" and "how to start a business on line" business, industry, or space. First of all the misrepresented ideology "now-day's" behind on-line or Web marketing is more ABOUT competition, making money on line, and copying other's success.

That's ninety 90% of your small "at-home" marketing Web sites and Web-blogs on Google Search Result Pages or SERP's. All duplicated content, strategies, techniques, and ideas that belong to some other successful person's ideas. Meanwhile, they call themselves being in business "on-line" while taking what isn't theirs.

"The Good, The Bad, The Ugly"

Prior to exiting the stage here. I would like to leave you with our perspective on what we think and believe about the WA business platform and the WA community gang. And though we (Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing and ME) don't endorse a lot of the ideas, concepts, and practices of Web-based businesses.

We all share the same common interest as our paths (in business on-line) differ one from another. We all aim to deliver the best possible content that will met our specific market or niche-market needs while building our financial machine that will provide for our families and our individual needs.

What do you "actually" look for in a business whether on-line or a brick and mortar (B&M) business when shopping for everyday products for personal needs? Do you look for prices, the quality of products, the integrity, honesty, common courtesy from the front of the house; the humble and respectful presentation of the cashier?

IF you expect good, high-quality products and services with reasonable prices. To be treated humanly with respect, common courtesy; good-Ole-business-hospitality from a B&M business in the off-line world of business. Then you should be extending to others the same you expect for others to do to you.

Our proclamation:


No doubt. Is intended to live fully and abundantly regardless of popular beliefs and practices, financial and personal background, or even social and political views. Especially, unwarranted challenges based on disabilities, or nationality, our color, or religion, and even our sexuality. And through the collaboration of sharing knowledge, experience, even opportunity that meets the ambitions, hopes, and dreams of others. We are able to build towards our ambitions, hopes, and dreams. However, through building unique friendship, loyalty, and relationship with others. And “if the mind can conceive it. You can believe it. You will achieve it".





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