Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners and Retirees

Wealthy Affiliate Review – 2019: Can Beginners and Retirees Earn Commissions Learning with The Wealthy Affiliate Business Platform From Home?

"Earning Income with Wealthy Affiliate"The purposeful value of this article. Hopefully, is to shed light and help separate the difference between what is real versus what is not real. In other words.

There is a difference between a point of view versus an authentic idea that builds streams of revenue through affiliate marketing channels -- known as a commission.

A performance-based program, namely, Wealthy Affiliate will be our main theme (or topic) of the article. They are an ethical business platform for beginners, seasoned solo entrepreneurs as myself. And even for retires (or senior family members) to learn how to start an affiliate marketing business.

Now, let's get started.

There are different views out there expressing different ideas on what is affiliate marketing? And, I am, though, pretty confident. That most of their ideas are somewhat accurate. In layman terms. Affiliate marketing is selling other people's product or service from online. It is a performance-based (type of) program that can earn you (an affiliate) with commissions.

Viewpoints verse Original Ideas

"Being human is to error" mon use to tell me all the time growing up at the homefront. And I wonder how many people today being an estimate of 7 billion people on planet earth as of January 2019. That will be human enough to admit they can be wrong in their point of views.

Viewpoints (or point of views) are similar to "ideas" but not identical.

They are abstract. They can only exist in thought and without concrete evidence (of the fact) to their existing or being genuine or real in nature. Viewpoints are hypothetical assertions. A statement or propositions lacking evidence of its authenticity.

They are also disputable abstractions (or explanations) made on the basis of limited or no evidence. Keep in mind too, (that) they are NOT identical to original ideas.

"Original Ideas"

Original IDEAS are imagery formed in thought and/or in mind.

Ideas can be based on truth, fact, or evidence of their existence. Not like a point of view. Ideas can be a proposal to either execute or carry out specific processes (i.e., a plan of action). That will allow you to achieve a specific, maximum, result or outcome.

A valid example would be like starting your own affiliate marketing business online. Or on to the World Wide Web (the Web) for short or from over the Internet. Each term or above phrase are the same things. To either advertise or promote an advertiser's product(s) or service.

A "plan of action" on the other hand.

Is known as (or can be called) an intent, i.e., an intention or purpose/reason to do something. It's viewed as a purposeful series of steps, methods, processes, or procedures to commence (to carry) out specific task. In other words, to achieve an end result or outcome.

And sometimes, depending on what's going on at the time. HECK... It smokes my gun, meanwhile, getting bent out of shape reading these "hypothetical" suggestions that have no authentic or genuine value 🙂


Can You Actually Earn Commissions with Wealthy Affiliate?

After nearly over a decade of turning my wheels trying to figure out this -THING- called the Internet Marketing Sphere. That is the online business world of digital marketing.

I finally decided to give Wealthy Affiliate another shot to see if they could help make sense of a decade of knowledge, and experience that I've acquired over those years.

And to my surprise. I still found a genuine, caring, and supportive -- thriving community gag helping one another, not only, to succeed your business venture online. But in LIFE itself as well.

Here Is What I Accomplished with Wealthy Affiliate Business Platform

Although, each one of us will travel down different, uniquely, designed paths to achieving financial freedom online. We all end up at the same identical crossroads. And for me, it has been nothing more than being short of a miracle.

Wealthy Affiliate provided me with the most amazing yet unique opportunity to sharpen up on my affiliate marketing skills. And in the process of going through the most sophisticated, comprehensive, and phenomenal training program in the world.

I have been blessed to not only design and build Bald Heads. A very unique Website specifically created for all bald heads both great and small, short and tall, But also connected with other like-minded solo-entrepreneurs globally. I call them the WA Community Gag.


I would like to challenge you to step out in faith.


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