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Here's A Few Important Facts To THINK About Before Starting A Home Business in The Make Money Online and How To Start A Business Online Space Marketers Don't Tell You About

"Do It Yourself Business-Building Your Web Business"A business in a box. A do it yourself business in a box - blog. How to discover unique, profitable, business ideas for a new at-home business enterprise.

Not every small Web-based business or owner in the "make money online" and "how to start a business online" space will provide you with the necessary right business ideas for guidance that are accurate, creditable, reliable, and even ethical.

Or can they provide you with the necessary requirements for the "initial" business startup phase or help you to understand what "basic fundamentals" will actually allow you to start a Web business building process. Or getting traffic to your business platform, leveraging quality leads for your business enterprise to converting them to buyers or getting racked in search engines (and other traffic generation methods) to getting business exposure all from online.

Pretty much, though, nowadays. The majority of the "above" small Web businesses in those spaces will mirror (that is, they copycat) or duplicate from what they see other Web businesses (corporate and small home Web sites/blogs) do in their business. This "does" include copycatting their content, writing style to the actual structure (the look and feel) of the overall presence of their business enterprise. In other words. They don't have originality of their own.

"There Are No Easy, Fast, or Magical Formulas To Online Success"

In spite, of the different concepts that are out there "nowadays" in the internet marketing space (or arena) circumventing around the "how to make money online" and the most popular one I find the majority of Web businesses being a part of is the "how to start a business online". There is only one proven strategy that has worked for decades and it is still effective "today" with any of the eCommerce spaces. Listed below is a short list of at what a building process "actually" consist of on the front end of any Web-based business.

  • Researching profitable markets you are passionate about
  • Finding products and services for those markets
  • Building user-friendly platforms (i.e., website, blog, Social Media landscapes) etc., around the product or service
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your business or industry
  • Build a customer-base relationship through email marketing, and
  • Up-sale related products or services to your market in a subtle manner through various channels, and 
  • Continue to follow up with your audiences

And whether or not the majority of these Web sites and blogs and their owners are "actually" implementing (i.e., applying or following) the process. It's difficult to acknowledge. Especially, when you don't want to make any assumptions or judgement statements about anyone. And whatever the case may be it's more then what meet the physical eye. Here's more on what we found in those spaces.

They mirror shortcuts, demonstrate unethical business practices, copycatting or duplicating similar business's content, writing styles and overall structure of the business platform. Meanwhile, utilizing mediums such as Web sites, blogs, guest posting, SEO, PPC, CPA, CPC, etc., to influence audiences through inaccurate, misleading, blown up, and developing programmed software.

"Don't Copycat, Duplicate, or Mimic Other Web Businesses, Be Yourself and Original"

In order to help defuse saturation of a market. It is critical to not copycat, duplicate, or mimic what you find other small Web businesses and/or their owners doing in their individual businesses. That is duplicating their content, writing style, the look, feel, and element arrangements. The overall view of their Web presence. It is there business ideas or creativity that you're duplicating. It's imperative that you be yourself and original.


There are no easy or quick ways either to start earning online even in building the business presence on to Web. And when you start to take notice "that" there are hundreds upon thousands of "small business websites and blogs" on Search Engine Result Pages ALL targeting the same identical keywords or keyword phrases. Something is "definitely" going on behind the scene that no one is talking about and it's more than what meets the human eye. No doubt!!!

And IF you have been around the Web for any length of time. At one point or another doing research looking for comprehensible and ethical ways to make money online. The question may have crossed your mind too. WHY are there so many different business Web sites and blogs targeting the same identical keywords, products, and services? And "no doubt". It certainly has nothing to do with competition "either" for your business.

You can also find some additional insight that will help you to make more rational and sound judgement calls we've provided in three short articles below. Our hope is each one will help shed light on what we discovered and what's happening on the Web as you begin to building your presence in the two business spaces.

Godspeed on your new at-home business journey online 🙂


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Discover Profitable Business Ideas For Your Own Unique At Home Web Based Business

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"Do it Yourself Business In A Box"HEY...

We'd like to take this time and thank you for dropping by the Web page, and know that we're excited to have you hear too. So thanks!! a lot 🙂


The majority of your small online businesses in the "how to make money online" space and the "how to start a business online" space are honest Web-based businesses. And despite "that" we are human beings with a "freedom of choice" and the privileged to do what we believe is right for our Web business. For the most part. People's ideas are legitimate regardless of how they came up with them.

However, one of our main concerns "here" at Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing is that most "small online businesses" DO copy (or duplicate) from other successful entrepreneur's and their Web-based business ideas. Of which I "personally" believe "that" it is an unethical business practice to demonstrate with an online business.


I would like to introduce you to one of our articles on the do it yourself business in a box blog. The “How To Discover Profitable Ideas”.


for a home business enterprise. What you’ll discover are common, sensible, tactics that most people looking for ideas will NEVER think about.

And yes! It is that simple. I will be showing you a few of our amazing ways on how to discover profitable ideas for a home business, and how to get the most benefit from your keyword research. Now, let's talk a little about the keyword research.

And don't forget to look at our article... the “Do It Yourself Business In A Box blog”. We'll see you over there

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Being human can be difficult at times. Especially, when it is so easy to forget what we need to be doing when starting our brand new at-home business enterprise online. Or where to go and find just what we "need-to-know" in order to complete a specific task. Or even how a "task" should be completed in a timely and correct manner in order to maximize our work, time, and effort -- efficiently. And if there is one person on earth that "DO" knows just how challenging it is to accomplish our business goals. You can bet your Willie Britches I know just how difficult it can be to accomplish them.

That is where we (the Do It Yourself Business In A Box Blog) and me comes in. We will be providing you with the most accurate insight into the most ethical, credible, and even reliable Web-based business "we discovered" from all around the World Wide Web. Our studying from them while observing whether or not they have credibility is a critical variable when relying on marketing content especially now a days.


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