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Do It Yourself Home Business (In A Box) For The DIY Self-Made “At-Home” Internet Entrepreneur Novice

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Regardless of what free business ideas you find on the Web in referencing the “how to start a business online” gigs and subsequence searches.  They’ve replicated the ideas and more than likely.  They belonged to another content-drive Web business while distributed across the Web as their own.

And getting ideas from other entrepreneurs Websites or blogs.  Well, it’s not a good (or healthy) business practice.  Especially, when you are planning to create your own “unique” at-home “business idea” or enterprise for online marketing.

And I’m positive, at least some of you, have heard of the business term (or phrase) “product saturation.”  And if not.  I suggest it’s time that you do know. “In economics market saturation.”  The definition is provided by Business an amazing resource.  “Is a situation in which a product has become diffused (or distributed) within a market.”


Do It Yourself Home Business: Competition In Online Marketing verses Originality

The ideology behind content-driven marketing sites implying “go get ideas” from competitor’s business website or blogs has been a grossly distorted online business practice taught by small business owners (SBO) since I started a business online back in 2008.

And one of the very first entrepreneurs I recall mentioning the statement was Chris or (CFM) somewhere between the years of 2008 and 2010.  And I’m not convinced that he meant to mimic or duplicate “IDEAS” or creativity belonging to other SBO’s sites as we find them (still) implementing even to date.  The year 2018.

Interesting to note.

Between 1% to 3% of content-driven marketing websites and blogs are actually generating quality Web site traffic and converting them into paying customers.  A huge number (or a gap) between those “claiming” they have the ideal approach to start creating profitable business IDEAS and enterprises from those that genuinely have a solution and earning from them.  Hmmm.

Do (we) Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing and I have a resolution?  You betcha we do.  And it has nothing to do with taking what you want when you think that you need it.


“Leave Competition to Bigger or Corporate Web Businesses, and Focus On Originality By Being Who You Are”

One of the experiences that comes to mind is when I (initially) started in business was trying to build different websites like the ones that were “actually” generating quality Website traffic while converting them (i.e.,) us to customers or subscribers.  And I could never put a finger on what the HECK they were doing that I wasn’t doing.

As a matter of fact.

They were doing everything opposite of what I “thought” they intended for me to do or achieve.  It’s really simple.  When starting the same type of business where you find 99.9% of other folks in search results doing a similar business.  Meanwhile, advertising or promoting similar products and services.  It creates a diamino effect and “market saturation” will slap you in the face every time.

What they were saying was here are the steps (that is) the ingredients and process I used to start creating my own business enterprise from online.  In other words.  They’re saying NOT to take (literally) from their ideas and/or creative approach.  Instead, rely on “what” they are telling you as a premise (or basis) in which you can use to start creating your business or idea.  Hmmm 🙂


“Too Many Emphases on Trivial Things Will Always Set You Back”

When you find tons and tons of content-driven, marketing Web businesses discussing the same things, doing the same things (i.e,) competition, etc.  Meanwhile, marketing the same type of products and/or service.  Note, the mindset all the same. It sets you back, especially relying on them, from achieving YOUR business and/or marketing goals.  Now! You are back peddling trying to figure out what “the HECK” went wrong.

STOP mimicking other content-driven or SBO’s Web businesses.  Defocus on the competition.  Focus on you and what’s important for your business and it’s market while being authentic and/or original.  In other words, leave the hardball players in their playing field and play softball in the “softball” park.

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