Google Exposed

Google Exposed: Google Is Permanently Shutting Down Google Plus Forever: By By To G+

Google is the largest informational hog in the world. Though, McAfee (another informational hog) and one of the largest anti-virus spyware companies in the world that loves information too by invading your computer usage. Keep in mind, this is "only" my point of view 🙂


I am basing my assumption (and views) on Google and McAfee from multiple experiences and observations over the past 11 years using their services (and counting) since I'v been online. Starting in February 2008 to the current year, 2019.

A few examples of what I mean by Google being an "informational" hog. Why do you think Chrome crashes or bookmarks disappearing from your toolbar. It's spyware watching what you are doing while using their services.

How do you think Google is able to improve their services if they are not looking at "what" and "how" users interact with their services? It's that sort of observation--it's "honest" speculation of course.

In addition. Google has announced they are shutting down PREEMINENTLY their "Google Plus" landscape and deleting every user's accounts, content, photos/pictures, and anything you may have associated with a G+ account.

And, but of course. I just can't leave this one out either. You can always find OPS (other people's speculations) going on around the same hot topic/discussion on the World Wide Web 🙂

"Your Privacy Information Exposed"

What does shutting down G+ have to do with customer's account information being exposed? Inquiring minds want to know. It's more than exposing customer's personal "identify" information behind the scene.

And IF Google already knew long before hand there was a glitch in there WHAT. Why did Google wait until the Wall Street Journal exposed them to come forward according to CBS News? Your STUFF (personal info) has been exposed. And how in the world did Google let this happen?

I wonder.



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