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Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing and Kevin Ross – The Founder

"About Us-Internet Amateur Hub Media and Me"Welcome to our business weblog. 

Hi, my name is Kevin Ross, and I am the founder of Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing and The HUB, Work Inspired.  Our Business Advice Network. 

We are a small American marketing business that started online in February 2013.  And we are “still in business” as of the current year — 2018.  And for us (here) on the business weblog. Thanks are given to the Creator and His Son. 

“Here” on our business weblog.  We provide you with online access toeasy-to-do at-home business-building strategies.They will also consist of those we know that are credible, reliable, and even ethical strategies from around the World Wide Web as well.

In addition, to what we do here at Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing.  We also provide novice entrepreneurs with “credible” “reliable” and “ethical” referrals to our business partners.  They’re called business referrals.

So what the HECK is a “business referral” anyway?


Implementing The Right Decisions for Profitable End Results


“Life” is all about making decisions.  At least the ‘right‘ decisions. 

And when deciding on what the “right decision” would be for any given circumstance.  Ninety-nine-point-nine (99.9) percent of the time.  Making right decisions will always produce healthy (and/or) beneficial end results.  Especially, where expectations are set on attaining financial rewards in a business venture and on to the World Wide Web

And throughout (both) life and in our business ventures.  We will always be challenged with some type of a hurdle or obstacle.


And somewhere in life and/or in business.  You will be challenged with experiences of going against the grain.  So to speak. 

And when you know and/or understand that the world in which we live (collectively) is filled of rules, regulations, guidelines, procedures, etc.  It’s called — protocol.  They are nothing more than formalities.  The do’s and the don’t do’s. 

Therefore, you will know or understand, oftentimes. 

The laws of the land are not equally applied to every person in the same way.  And it has a lot to do with man’s ” greater good” for the people.  And sometimes people will either intentionally and not knowing.  Put you into situations of which you didn’t ask for, volunteer for, or approved of.

Once again, therefore. 

You would have to make a decision to do one of the following two things.  1] Not do nothing about it like the majority.  2] Decide on rendering a decision.  And keep in mind, too, that no two people are alike.  That being said.  I guess it’s appropriate for me to say something!   About myself.

The word ‘referral business‘ means by word of mouth.  It is the action of spreading a good word about a specific business minded individual, a specific (or type of) business, and/or a unique product or service.

And the referral is more effective when you know something about either the person, the business or brand, a specific or type of product, and/or a service.


Whether the business is online or offline.  Such as what a person does or offer in their business.  Or a business brand including certain products or services online.

And the term ‘online’ implies there are multiple computers interacting over the Internet.  

The “Internet” is (also) understood to be the World Wide Web.  It is modern technology and HTML documents working simultaneously (or together) and at the same time.  We have also mentioned this on another page our business Weblog.  Now, here is some additional food for thought.  And it’s in relation to going against the grain so to speak.

Learn more about Kevin Ross.


Going The Extra Mile: 



Gripping Hold on Life

Here is some creative thinking that will help you to get through (both) your online business and life in general.


I don’t know about your personal experiences in life or with starting a home business (or opportunity) from on the World Wide Web at the same time. 

That is, a self-made “at-home” venture or enterprise in the “online world of business and digital marketing.”  However, you do have to learn patience, and how to manage them both at the same time. 

And not going into too much detail.  My experience with (both) personal matters and starting an online business at the same time.  It was more of sorting through all the good and then re-building from the “good” with genuine people in both your life stream (i.e.) activities and events and business network.

And no doubt. 

Starting a business online.  It have been the most challenging experience I have every desired to accomplish in my entire life.  You would think, though, at some point or another.  You would (at least) begin to realize that you are not getting any younger — some people never do. 

So you start to look at the accomplishments (if any).  And where you would like to be before retiring.  How many people do you know (in their lifetime or youth) ‘think‘ along this line?

In my mid-twenties, thirties, and forties. 

I felt I knew everything and still could climb trees like I once could in my youth.  Age 7 to 20’s and even my 30’s and 40’s.  And, though, mom reared seven children (out of the ten of us).  And me being the most mischievous one forever into anything and everything that I could possible think of.

I had to learn how to be straightforward, honest, and humble at the same time.  And it was more of a discernment that came from the innermost part of my being to understand ‘who I am‘ and to see the ‘human race‘ for what it is.  And in light (or despite) of human fallacies. 

It was learning to see things from the Creator’s view and to accept the things that I could not change.  And to my surprise.  I was furious to discover what I had researched and then uncovered.  Discovering “truth” about “humankind.” 

And in the process of my discoveries.  I have had the most extreme and difficult time to overcome all that I had discovered (or unveiled).  And to be able to identify (or see) ‘inherent’ or inborn features.  The characteristics that are part or attached to the human race. 

I was devastated.

Ten (10) years.  A decade!  Challenged with “getting a grip on life” and establishing — at the same time.  An at-home business enterprise and its presence on to the World Wide.  

A, though, the experiences online hasn’t been a “bed of roses.”  The journey (itself) has been an enlightened and educational business venture.  And YES.  Despite what obstacles surface.  The task or goals can still be achieved.


In closing…

Be cautious of what you ask for.  Be mindful of your environment and/or surrounding. Put no trust in humankind.  Ask questions for answers.  And then research to discover other people’s perspective.  And if you will.  Only if you have the time.  Please, take a few minutes and watch our YouTube videos presentation.  MEMO:  Edit video.  It’s only around 5 minutes. 

And once again.  Thank you for viewing our about Web Page.


Internet Amateur Hub Media: They Say There’s Gold In Them There Mountains

"About Us"


However, our initial business journey ‘online’ started in the year of 2008.

If you don’t already know by now.  Something is direly wrong.

The terms (or phrases) Internet marketing, Web marketing, and online marketing all represent the same thing.  Advertising and marketing efforts that rely (sole) on the “Web” and email to drive direct sales (i.e.,) electronic commerce to websites and blogs.

And, despite, evolving cycles of technology entering into the “online world of business and digital marketing.”  Turning away from using desktops, laptops and tables to using mobile phones for doing business online.  Using simple coding in Web development — now responsive themes and development — just a taste of the future to come.



Do It Yourself At Home Business (In a Box): A Decade of Website Construction

"Do It Yourself At Home Business-A Decade of Website Construction"Do it yourself at home business in a box.

With all the different chatter around the Web about how to start a business online. It’s no wonder ‘we‘ are STILL under Website construction. Hmm

And I guess. By reasonable assumption. it is called perfection.

And no doubt. “Perfection” can sabotage an online business when extreme. It will also sabotage good human relationships as well.

Our story in business and online. It’s been one of the most heck! of a challenging experiences. Though, it’s been an exciting journey just creating the “Internet Amateur Hub Media” on to the World Wide Web.

And, though, it is obvious a “decade” of creating a business enterprise online. There were plenty of challenging moments and trial and error. And not excluding the ‘doing things my own way.’ However, the most critical aspect was ‘striving to create a Web business with perfection.’

To learn more about our experience with establishing a “referral business” in the “online world of business and digital marketing.” Please take a minute or two and visit our ‘about‘ page for more details. And we hope to see you there.



Despite, different chatter around the Web on how to start an online business.  You will still have to reach a valid decision in which you will be pursuing your business journey (at-home) and from online for marketing.

And most people don’t want to live with the decisions they make.  And we, certainly, can’t live without making them either.  It is also critical that we make the right (or healthy) decisions that will render you rewards or benefits while acting in good faith.

And “despite” a decade of being online and in business.  Starting online February 2008 to the current year — 2018.  And (in spite) my degree in marketing.  I’ve (yet) found it ‘extremely‘ challenging taking on the task (or responsibility) of learning “and/or” understanding the “Internet Marketing Sphere.”  It is known as the “online world of business and digital marketing.”

And no doubt.  It is also a continued challenge to stay up-to-date and remain in the mainstream as you are building (or creating) a business enterprise on to the Web.  Not only do the technology we rely on for our online business evolves.

So do the services which we depend on to help us run and/or operate our online business evolves as well.  It is a fast, ongoing, growing business or industry.  And often times.  We are sooo busy with our business that we rarely find time to observe the beauty of helping one another to accomplish their business goals.

And whatever it is that you decide to do about an online business.  Be sure you X out perfection.  It will, no doubt, hender and/or sabotage the progress of moving forward in your business journey and for online marketing.


Starting A Business Online 101

One of the most important variables (I discovered) in starting our referral business — online.  Is to have a genuine and sincere desire to “succeed” in business.

And another one is to see your vision.  Visualizing the final product.  The end result of your business goal or goals accomplished.

And when you have the (above) two components right and in place.  It will enable you to look for ethical (or honest) ways and/or “IDEAS” that will help you to accomplish those goals.


“Misconceptions and Myths”

Oftentimes.  We all have good intentions.  We are human beings collectively.  Right?  However, good intentions.  “Without the ability to execute them.  They are useless.”

And (where) there is not a ‘sincere‘ and/or a ‘genuinedesire to accomplish a specific goal; an aspiration or ambition.  There really isn’t an ethical or legitimate motive to attain it.  Human nature 101.


There has been a tremendous amount of misconception and myths on ‘how to start a business online‘ floating around the Web every since we started ‘online‘ and created the referral business.  And please!  Don’t attempt to convince us that people think alike.  Hmm

And if that is case.  Then we ALL look alike.  We act (or carry ourselves) the same way too.  That also means (that) we “all” like the same things, etc.  And “if” this sounds preposterous.  Well, so do “people think alike.” And providing, there is a better explanation.

We’re all ears 🙂


And best place to start understanding “how to start a business online” is our tutorials. (out there on the Web) when it comes to understanding actual steps necessary to start creating an at-home business or enterprise off the Internet.

And this is what I discovered counting on marketing websites and blogs to help direct my steps in creating Internet Amateur Hub Media.

I found duplicated “ideas” (created and published) by leading marketing sites that are in the business or industry.  No doubt.  It was one of the reasons why new startups would fail in creating a business idea and it’s presence on the Web.

And my statement is based on our observation.  It’s not a point of view.  In fact, it actually created a downward funnel spiraling which leads to failure, unexpected challenges, and tons of competition for online business.


Who “in the world” would ever think or even believe to start creating an online business.  It was as easy as understanding a handful of simple but effective, efficient, and proven building fundamentals?


It took me a decade (from 2008 to 2018) before things actually soaked into my thick skull that it was necessary for me to FIRST establish (or write out) an “actionable plan.”  A roadmap directing (or guiding) the steps necessary to create the business whether they were on 100 sticky notes, or on a writing notepad, or even keeping a mental plan record.