In-House Computer Maintenance For The At-Home Internet Marketing Perfectionist

Keeping your computer maintenance on a regular basis is a part of running an online business. An Internet-based business depends on an electronic "working" device and an Internet connect to fully run/operate any "Internet-based business" for marketing online.

When you accept the importance of keeping you electronic device maintenance and in tip-top-shape whether a desktop, laptop, cellphone, tablet or whatever device you use to connect to the Internet. It will help you to keep your online business running smoothly. Meanwhile, immersing yourself "online" with business activities over the World Wide Web.


Internet Marketing and What You Need To Know About Services and Features That Runs A Home-Based Business Online

"Internet Marketing-Services Used To Run An Online Business"

When I started my first internet marketing business and began to build it on to the Web -- back in the day. I would always read marketing site, watch tons of videos, and listen to audios where marketers would talk about being online.

And today, being convinced, that I am, while looking back over those many years ago. The majority of them didn't know or understand what "online" actually meant anyway.

In other words...

They provided you with a random conversation they (themselves) didn't quite understand half of what they were talking about on "how to start" an Internet marketing business online. And more than likely. It hasn't changed (either) that much. Meaning that it's the same today ūüôā

An ISP is a service provider.

The abbreviation represents your and my "Internet Service Provide". A company or business that enables us (that is you and me) to connect to the Internet with our electronic devices. The "Internet" is a global system with trillions of computers in a network "interconnecting" while accessing the World Wide Web. Known as HTML documents commonly abbreviated as WWW.

And NO!!! Lacking knowledge or an understanding of these type of things isn't bliss either.

Different Services and Features Used To Start, Build, and Run An Internet Marketing Business

Before I get too far ahead of myself into the article. It's best I stop NOW and (briefly) touch bases on what "online" actually mean. Being online is a condition -- according to a Google search. It is the working order of "actually" being connected to a network of computers that are "interconnected" to one another.

And interesting to note, though. That approximately 95% of those running an Internet-based business or an online business. Don't really have a clue of "what" or "how" an Internet marketing business processes actually work.

In other words.

The most of your small at-home business websites/blogs that are involved in the "make-money online" or the "how to start a business online" space DON'T know or even understand what all is involved in the startup process. Or the  discovering a profitable idea, building the Web presence, generating traffic, converting leads to the follow-up processes.

Pretty much, they assume, lacking knowledge and/or the experience of the business spaces or they found some type of information on other Web-based businesses (websites/blogs) talking about what the essential components are or how it's created online.

Bottom line. It's all duplicated or mimicked content and/or ideas from other content creators. The originators; curators, founders, CEO's and so on of Internet marketing businesses. It's not authentic material (that is) it's not originally created "content or ideas" by a single creator.

It's all duplication from the "originators" and their content and/or ideas.


There are thousands of different types of services out there over the Web nowadays. But ONLY a handful of important necessary features that you will want to know about when you're starting, building, running, and/or operating an Internet marketing business from online.

A service is any integral component (a fundamental aspect) that allows you to run or operate your business over any electronic device. Examples of different services are as follows.

  1. Name Cheap a hosting company.
  2. Bitly dot com a URL shortening platform,
  3. Mail Chimp an email client for list building or email marketing,
  4. Fiverr is a freelance company for outsourcing various parts of your online business.

They are also affiliate links of which we are able to earn an "affiliate commission" for referring them to our various different audiences around the world.


And the little diagram (i.e., image or picture) to the right side of the (above) topic depicts "only" a few of the most critical aspects or moving parts that runs or operates an online business over the World Wide Web.

"Taking Credibility Away, Especially When There Never Was None"

When you are deciding on the type of services you plan to use that will run or operate your online business. You should be very careful in selecting the right services and company. It is extremely important you keep in mind that it is real-live people who are behind developing the services we depend on to help run our business from online.

Also keep in mind that you will always find advantages with any of the services that you use as well as the disadvantages of which 99.9% of marketers that publishes or writes content never "seem" to want to inform you about them.

Well, guess what? We will. It's critical to know and/or understand both sides.

Web Browsers:

Not all Web browsers are safe to use despite the name or brand. The "Opera" browser is not a good or safe Web browser to use despite it's light-weight, the quickness or page load-time, VPN service, and other unique features, and functionality.

It has a tendency, if using WordPress or WP. To wipe-out (that is) to delete your content while composing posts and pages. I personally think it "actually" steals your content.

Mozilla Firefox on the other hand. Has a more robust or vigorous personality with it's use-friendly and safe interface. It's a little faster and "light-weight" than Google Chrome. However, moving around understanding feature configurations is a little more challenging.

I also, personally, think that Firefox it is a little more more faster too in page time or in speed. Other than what I've already shared with you. Mozilla Firefox will get the job done right the way that you need it done.

The Google Chrome is another super light-weight Web browsers (like Opera) but better.

Website and Blog Building Software:

Outside of using various building software/hardware like Weebly, Wix, Intuitive (don't know if they are still around). The Blog i360 (them either) and a few other ones I don't remember. I know (for a fact) that WordPress (WP) is one of the more safer, flexible, user-friendly, and reliable site building software.

In addition. There are also corporate business Websites "globally" that promote Content Management Systems (CMS's) like WP as well in their membership package.


. 'And everything seems to not be working properly. It probably because you're not using proper services or software to help keep your device working as it should be.


In-House Computer Maintenance For The At-Home Internet Marketing Perfectionist

"The Services and Features We Rely On To Run Our Web Business Online"

"Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing-In House Computer Maintenance for The At-Home Business Perfectionist"

"Conclusion-Don't Criticize Newcomers In Business"

Content creators, curators, researchers excluding ME. Marketers and the like. Has always had feather stuck up the "you-know-what" publishing content that defames newcomers. Meanwhile, most of them put on a facade skin-suit being better than those who are just getting started in the business arena.


Before I get any feature ahead of myself. I want to expand (to touch bases) on the meaning of being online. And it's t probably not what most of you may think that it is


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