"Business In A Box-Do It Yourself Business"For some strange and unknown reason.

I found that most marketers seem to confuse the difference between an actual developed idea for a Web business verses creating your own unique idea. And the easiest and best way to "craft" or discover profitable IDEAS for a Web-based business" (and being original) is to keep it simple 🙂

There isn't any doubt in my mind to whether or not you will always find ideas on how to make money online or how to start a business enterprise online. The problem is coming up with a brilliant idea that no one else has out there on the Web. And building a "Web" presence with a pronominal software such as WordPress also create another problem as well.

"Finding Your Own Unique Way Around The World Wide Web While Maintaining Good Standing with Your Audiences and Implementing Proper Business Ethics"

Basically, when starting a home business enterprise online to building its unique "base platform," is pretty much, all straight forward. Getting down pat and understanding a few business-building fundamentals and concepts. You're "pretty much" set and well on your way to building "unique" business relationships with different audiences.


and buiilding/With so much competition in the business world of digital marketing; the same identical type of Web businesses being created, competing for the same products, popular keywords, the #1 slot on Google Search Engine Result Pages, etc. And everybody talking about the same "identical things; how to make money online to the how to start a business online. Or how start a blog, how to design with using WordPress, how to start an email list. Meanwhile, the list goes on. How in the world is it possible to succeed online in those business spaces?

"Giving Credit When and Where It's Due"

Ninety-nine point nine percent (99.9%) of your small "at-home" (and corporate too) Web businesses and/or owners looking for "IDEAS" will never give "the credit" when and where it is due. In other words, IF they visited your "business Web site or blog" looking for "IDEAS" they will NEVER give you the credit acknowledging "that" their ideas was discovered from off of your business Web site or blog.


Discover profitable ideas of your own for Web marketing. It is imperative that you are different than the rest. You are original in your creativity. Inspiringly persuasive when you write copy. And research every aspect of the business or industry that you are perusing. They are the most important "key" elements to being original and successful with a Web-based business.

"The WordPress Syndrome"

I am always looking "on the Web" for new and better ways of crafting (coming up with) PROFITABLE ideas that no one else has already discovered and NOT kicking around the same old conversations you find the majority of Web businesses talking about. I "also" get a kick out of reading the different home business Web sites and blogs that are in the make money online "space" and how to start a business online space too. And researching every aspect of online marketing is one of my specialties. And it's also where you pickup on everything you "need-to-know" that's happening around the World Wide Web.

Over the past eight years (2011 to 2019) of learning about WordPress or WP. I finally came to the conclusion that I "actually" love them. And in all sincerity. I "genuinely" wouldn't use any other web-based building platform, software, hardware or whatever you want to call it. You just can't trust everything the you read on the Web, or hear about, and as far as that goes, seeing either.


Do It Yourself Business In A Box