Welcome to Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing.

My name is Kevin Ross, and I'm a self-starter, DIY (do-it-yourself), solo-Entrepreneur. In addition, I am the founder of this phenomenal business online. It's an online "referral business". So, what is a "referral business" online anyway? It's a website or blog (over the Internet, a global computer network). Providing the World Wide Web with accurate, up-to-date, and need-to-know information for those looking for specific information online. That is... data or content.

What is a "solo-entrepreneur" too?

A solo-entrepreneur is a professional that works jointly with others whether it's for educational reasons, guidance, support, etc. And their ability to work in these (and other areas) are limitless with the high potential of succeeding.



What Type of Information or Content Do We Provide?

We provide you with access to the most credible, reliable, and ethical Web businesses we discovered (both) int the corporate arena and small home business websites. The primary function "here" is to ensure that solo-entrepreneurs are equipt with the most accurate, up-to-date, and ethical resources on the Web.


in understanding the entire aspect of starting a new home business opportunity (or venture) from over the Internet. Or on to the World Wide Web. We also know, every website and blog (over the Internet). Doesn't provide you with accurate, up-to-date, need-to-know, content or information.

Our primary goal, though, with an ethical Web business. Is to ensure we are doing a "phenomenal" job in helping to guide serious solo entrepreneurs (in a proper way). Of getting started in building their new business enterprise online. We also believe in keeping things short, very simple, and straightforward.


Our Experience, and Knowledge In The World of Business and Digital Marketing

With over a decade of experience and knowledge starting, developing, and building Web businesses in the Internet Marketing Sphere arena. We know what is required to succeed in business and online. And with a college degree on Internet Marketing and learning from the best Websites and blogs over the years. We are equipped with the experience to show solo-entrepreneurs how --they too-- can succeed in business.


Why A Referral Web Business?

When I initially started online in February 2008. I was looking for comprehensive ways to understand the Internet Marketing Sphere arena in an ethical way. And at the time. I had entirely too many things on my plate, so to speak. I had too many things going on (at one time) and wasn't accomplishing goals as anticipated. And, though, starting my new business online had its pros and cons, and up and downs.

It is nothing like it is now. At least what we have seen in the past few years, from 2015 to 2019.

Two Types of People Living On Planet Earth

There are good people and not so good people. Honest people and dishonest people. Believers and Disbelievers. And there are no in-betweens which I call it the gray zone. The place where a majority of people usually run to when they are all caught up doing unethical deeds of unwarranted action or behavior. The "one-side" "double-standard" unethical--lacking moral standing, philosophy of WHY things are the way it appears to be. And there are no exceptions.

And within (the above categories) of people living on planet earth. There are also various sub-categories. These "sub-categories" defines our distinctive qualities and character traits. Our personality; honesty, integrity, self-control which I am still working on this one, etc. And it's really simple. Be the judge of your own character because others watching has already decided their point of view.

"Be true to thine own-self.

We would also like to encourage you to find just a few minutes to read our "Money verse Passion" article. It's going to provide you with more of a detailed description to "WHY" I, personally, believe, think and feel the way that I do (now) about a Web business. Hope to see you over there shortly.


More About Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing

"Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing-About Us"Now that I have been able to narrow down (blessed if you will). To redefine our goals, the main theme--the type of Web business Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing is now, and publishing appropriate content for the Website. It truly makes things a whole lot easier to do, enjoyable, and a much better opportunity for us, now, and online.

Blessed with A Passion To Write

Writing and grammar are two critical aspects (or moving parts) of developing and creating business ideas on to the World Wide Web.


In addition.

I am blessed with a passion for writing and “pretty much” my entire life. I do have a college degree in Internet marketing. And I also enjoy sharing my business-building IDEAS with audiences across the board.

Now, that being said.

“Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing” is known as a referral Web business I designed and built online to help new "self-start DIY solo-entrepreneurs" understand simple fundamentals. And (here) on our business blog, the do-it-yourself business in a box. I call them moving parts.

Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing is a referral agency or home business online. It is also an authority Website (in the business) on the Internet Marketing Sphere. It is our partner Website. And it is one of a hand full of small business Websites that provides phenomenal, credible, reliable, and comprehensive marketing content for starting a home business and on the World Wide Web

And, so. I would like to encourage you to take a few minutes and learn more about who we are right here at Internet Amateur Hub Media Marketing. And we hope you will enjoy our content.