The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Spider

There Was An Old Lady who Swallowed A Spider, I Dunno Why She Swallowed The Spider… But I Guess She’ll Die


"The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Spider"Why did the old lady swallow the Spider?

According to our Google search it’s an old… old… old fable [2] from way back in the day.  Decades ago.

So what does this “old fable” have to do with creating or building an at-home business online?  A good question.

Often times, we ‘do’ forget those simple, practical, basic fundamentals that we are taught (from home) as little people growing up to become BIG people one day.

Keep in mind.  The human brain is a very complex mechanism and the way we think can deter us from achieving our goals.

And the appropriate mindset is a critical factor when we are planning to start any type of new business venture at home, especially, one on the Web or from off the Internet.

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