Do It Yourself Business In A Box: What Do You Actually Look For When You're Visiting Other Web Business's Marketing Platforms?

"Research For A Solution"

"Business In A Box-Do It Yourself Business In A Box-Research"What we know (that is) our knowledge and experience  in customer relationship, startups, brainstorming for profitable "at-home" business IDEAS, Web design to building the Web presence, starting or building email lists, article marketing, solo adds, e-zines, SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, video marketing, podcasting, eCommerce business platforms, affiliate marketing, researching, etc.

Our knowledge-base is quite extensive. Eleven years (and counting) in understanding the online world of business and digital marketing or the Internet Marketing Sphere or space.

What do you look for when visiting business Web sites and blogs for help and/or guidance?

All of our marketing needs are the same. We want to know (and/or) understand how to start or build a home business on the Web or from online. There is no question to that when we are looking for creative "IDEAS" that will help us to understand about specific aspects (or moving parts) of a Web-based business. Some of us want to know about building a customer-base relation while others may want to know about Web design or building an email list or SEO. Even about Social Media Marketing, etc.


Whey you copy from or duplicate another entrepreneur's creativity; their business ideas, Web site structure, writing style, etc. Then your business ethics lack a professionalize, decency, the lack of consideration for their individuality, and respect for others copyrights. Approximately 90% of your small Web-based businesses meets the "above" criteria. Henceforth, the majority of them DON'T know what is necessary to succeed with an online business and they fail.



Although research may not be (by far) most people's fondest aspect or part of starting their new Web-based business enterprise or venture online. It is, though, the most critical aspect to discovering profitable markets, various topics, and insight into specific type of audiences of interest to you.

It's also one of the aspects "of digital marketing" I enjoy the most. Because it allows me to increase my knowledge-base on tons of different topics, what others are doing around the World Wide Web. What their views are and how they live even on what is happening around the world. I am an information hog, so to speak, and I get a kick out writing about my discoveries.

In addition.

Research is a similar type of process as well as pre-selling. Before you place the horse in front of the cart. No doubt, you want to know everything about the audience that you intend on targeting as the "in the future" prospect buyers for your original product IDEA. Pre-selling is a similar type of process as mentioned. It is actually the process of where you have gathered all the information you needed know about your audience. Their ambitions, interests, needs, etc., where it enables you to start developing an invaluable product for them.

"A Slow, Steady, Consistent Process"

When doing research. It is a slow, steady, and consistent process of discovering untapped markets and market subsets while developing a sound marketing strategy. The process involves gathering accurate and credible information from various "reliable" sources. Ethical business Websites, blogs, Social Media landscapes (that sort of thing) prior to relying on using any small business ideas moving forward.

Another important aspects (or factors) to starting/building an ethical Web-based business to evaluate. IF you are planning to obtain any financial stable with your business enterprise online. For the most part. The environment itself (that is) the online world of business and digital marketing hasn't never changed. It is the same when I "initially" started my business enterprise in 2008, and it is still the same to date. Keep in mind, the fundamentals never change.

What has changed, though. Are those that are in business "to date" online or starting new "at-home" business enterprises online is what is different. It is also the type of people that is already "in business" or just getting started with their new business enterprise. Equally importantly, too, to keep in mind as well. It is the manner in which most of them have failed to properly implement business ethics off into their marketing strategy is what had changing nowadays.

"Creative Business Ideas"