Do It Yourself Business In A Box: People Are Not Looking To Do Business with Us On The Web Anymore, But What They Can Take From Our Business, Our Authenticity, and Our Creative Ideas

"A Fast and Easy Way To Make A QUICK Buck"

"Do It Yourself Business In A Box-Your Business Ideas"

There are entirely too many "new" solo entrepreneurs that are (and have been) under the impression that starting a new business opportunity online. There is a fast and easy way for them to make a QUICK buck or two when the reality "of the thing" is quite an opposite experience from what they are perceiving or have perceived. While visiting other types of informational marketing platforms (such as this one) from off the Web.

The "make money online" and "how to start a business online" spaces is sort of like a magic trick---an illusion. A magician holds their left hand out in front of their audience to keep "the audience" attention focused on the left hand. Meanwhile, their right hand holds the object for the "illusion" to become a magical trick. The "hand is quicker than the eye" concept right?

A marketer's approach is similar while achieving the "illusion" through video marketing, podcasting, and content-driven mediums such as a business Web site, blog, and Social Media landscapes. Unfortunately, though. Not "ALL" marketers and their business platforms or landscapes (in those spaces) have their visitors or potential customer's interest (you and me) at center focus and heart.

And of course, in addition. It can also be "observed and felt" by or when relying on contradictory, inaccurate, and misleading marketing messages verse what you are "actually" experiencing when or while relying on their marketing messages, content from their business platforms, and the end result(s) that you either obtained and/or experienced while relying on such data or information.

And of course. It does INCLUDE you and me in the midst of their scheme of things.

"A Marketer's Gold Mine"

So, how "DO" they (marketers) get away with NOT having you and me in the center of their interest and heart when their marketing messages doesn't "quite seem" conflicting with their actions and/or behavior or with what you are actually experiencing or feeling. Although, while you are relying on such data or information in their marketing messages that is contradictory, inaccurate, and/or misleading?

No doubt there are multiple factors of which you and I can evaluate that will help us to arrive to a safe and valid conclusion. First off. We know that the American economy SUCKS big time. Employment isn't stable, wanting to be your own boss, you're sick and tired of the boss you work for. You desire to be your own boss, you want to start your own business, you want more time to spend with family and friends, you want to do some traveling and see the world, etc.

"Passionate and Valid Reasons Are On The Front Line"

Each one of them "appear" to be passionate, valid reasons to influence audiences to believe in them or they have exactly what you are looking for to solve your problem(s). And, though, they seem to be legitimate and valid reasons, the actions and behavior appear to be ethical on the front line. Behind the scene. The work that is being contributed is for self-gain. This is what I call "reversed ideologies or concepts".

Here is another interesting "gold nugget" piece of insight for you to gnaw on as well. Any form of money that you earn from selling a product or service whether digital or tangible "online" is considered a "byproduct" (

And there is no better way to get marketing messages across to audiences (viral/global) than to convey them through business Web sites, blogs, video, podcasts, and Social Media. They are geared towards helping to convey "marketing messages" while influencing audiences to believe and trust in useless products and services. Again, there is no better way for marketers to make a buck quick, fast, and in a hurry than using the "above" type of platforms and tactics.

Actually, a byproduct is the "actual result" that steam from providing reliable data. That is information to your audience of which is accurate, creditable, reliable and even ethical and leads to making you an honest sale. It's not the opposite way around as it is "nowadays" in the online world of business and digital marketing.

In other words. I found that most business platforms put the cart before the horse. They think more toward the "making money" aspect than they do on providing accurate and reliable information for their potential buyers and even their current end users. And as "a potential buyer" we are provided with descriptions to products and services that has no real value. It's called saturation (Business

Only "IF" you are planning to get involved in the "how to make money online" space or the "how to start business enterprise online" space. It's important for you to know that you are going up against in completion for business with top ranking "and popular" corporate business Web sites that are global.

Not to mention, you are also competing "for business" against hundreds of thousands of small home business websites (like this one) and blogs that are in those spaces (or sphere). And "at" the do it yourself business (in a box) blog. I like to think of them as being apart of the Internet Marketing Sphere.

"It's Easier To Get Sidetracked and Overwhelmed"

Over the past several years, 2017 to 2019. I found it more easier to become sidetracked and overwhelmed with all the different type of new information (i.e., created content by Web site and blog owners) that was being thrown around the Web.

Especially, business sites that are in the "make money online" space and the "how to start a business online" space. A few of the more critical reasons WHY I started building Do It Yourself Business In A Box business blog.


Credibility -- trust is not established at one time or by uploading hundreds of posting to Facebook in a month or two time, 20 to 30 posts a day 🙂

The majority of these type of business spaces (i.e.) marketing platforms today lack a genuine care and understanding for those they are providing their products or services to in the industry. It's easier to tell someone what they need or want to hear especially due to the economy and global crises. The economy SUCKS big time and people are looking for honest ways of bring in to their households additional sources of income.

And that is our observation; an honest and in-depth perspective (a brief account). Of what I have, personally, observed and drawn to a conclusion that most new "at-home" business seekers have already been taken advantaged of by unethical business practices from these marketing platforms. And "IF" it has already happened to me and countless of other good people. What makes you feel it can't or wont happen to you?

Think about it.

The Insanity Doesn't Get Any Better"

You will always find every so often a small business website or blog talking about how they have made $4,000 and/or more in affiliate commission with imagery showing you their "back office" of earnings. The same also applies with eCommerce storefronts. However, not every person that has a business on the Web is earning income online or will they reach that goal. As a "solo entrepreneur". You are responsible for the overall operation of your online or Web-based business. It's nothing like where corporate business Web sites has a "global" management staff in different departments handling the "overall operation" of the business Website.

Nowadays, you will also find a small group of people "4 to 5" friends building Web-based businesses, selling pre-built businesses, thousands of sites on how to start a blog, etc. So the competition "syndrome" in the make money online and the how to start a business online spaces is extremely challenging to fulfill. Especially, when most of them are looking "on the Web" for ideas that you may have incorporated off into your Web business. I can recall vividly when I initially started online it wasn't so much of this competing syndrome going around. Nowadays, though, that is "pretty much" what you will find.

"Keep It Simple"